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Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Software

Display Energy Certificate Software (DEC) Overview

A valid Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is required by law in the UK (excluding Scotland) for all public sector buildings with a total floor area exceeding 250m2 that are visited frequently by the public.
DEC Rating

A Display Energy Certificate must be created alongside an advisory report which contains recommendations for improved energy efficiency of the building.

Display Energy Certificates for buildings above 1000m2 need to be renewed annually, and their Advisory Reports are valid for 7 years. Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports for smaller buildings are valid for 10 years. Regulations state if an eligible public sector building fails to display a valid DEC or be in the possession of an Advisory Report, the organisation will face a fine of up to £1,500 per building. TEAM’s Display Energy Certificate Software enables organisations to produce DECs and Advisory reports to comply with current legislation.

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How Can TEAM Help?

Building Energy RatingTEAM provides specialist software and training courses to enable organisations to produce their own Display Energy Certificates and Advisory reports.

Working within the TEAM Sigma Software the Display Energy Certificate module provides an efficient means of producing Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports. A simple step-based approach makes it easy to use and navigate. The software assists with collating the annual energy consumption data, processing it, producing Advisory Reports, lodging DECs on the central register and printing the final A3-sized certificate for display.

Accredited Assessor Training TEAM are offering Accredited Assessor Training courses for TEAM Software, which will allow you to produce your own DECs and Advisory Reports in-house. Courses are running over two days and are followed by a formal exam. Please contact TEAM for more details.

If you would perfer to let TEAM’s energy experts to help, contact us to get a DEC and/or AR quote.

TEAM Customer Case Studies

Team Customer Review
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The university has a utility bill of around £12 million, so anything that the software can show us in terms of energy wastage and we are sometime talking tens of thousands of pounds which is the equivalent of a full time person.

Jonathan Walford (Energy Engineer)
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