The Carbon Footprint Reporting Challenge

  What is a carbon footprint for? Well, first and foremost it is actually for giving a total amount of emissions associated within any organisation over one year. Who is likely to need carbon footprint reports? Local authorities are required to produce a local authority Greenhouse Gas Report. Or, any organisation that wants to produce a

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The Importance of Monitoring Renewables

Renewable Sources

The Importance of Monitoring Renewables The Importance of Monitoring Renewables View this blog as a video here I’m going to talk about the importance of monitoring renewable energy technologies. Renewables have been around for a little while now, and everybody thinks that they are going to save the planet, reduce our carbon emissions and provide

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Carbon Reduction Commitment Best Practice Tips

Henry Dougherty

Henry Dougherty Energy Consultant We are now more than half-way through this year, and in order to avoid any panic for the 2012/13 report which is due next year, it would be a good idea to start checking the quality of the data and the quantity of the data for all of the supply points

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What’s happening with the Renewable Heat Incentive in the UK?

Justine Grant - Renewable Heat Incentive expert

Justine Grant Energy Assessor and Renewable Heat Incentive expert To view this blog as a video click here Heat metering in the UK hasn’t been terribly popular, it’s quite a niche market. Traditionally it belongs to the district heating environment and we don’t have a lot of that in the UK. It’s very prevalent in

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Are DECs achieving what they were set out to?

DEC Certificate

“At TEAM we are seeing the ratings for DECs improving year on year.” Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are currently required for public buildings with a floor area above 1000m2, with the planned amend to DEC policy to buildings over 500m2 scheduled after 2013. The original objective of DECs was to raise public awareness of public bodies’

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Renewable Heat Incentive – have you considered the benefits?

Renewable Heat Incentive

Have you considered the benefits of the Renewable Heat Incentive? Renewable heat is an emerging area, and it is important that we make the most of the opportunities that it provides for reducing energy bills and carbon emissions. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was launched by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) in

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Why check your commercial utility bill?

Overcharging on a commercial utility bill is more common than you might think. There are many reasons why an overcharge may occur on a gas, electricity or water bill. From the obvious water leak to an undetected error in the account number, you can see from the chart below, the issues that our energy bureau

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Insight into Indian Sustainability

Stuart Turvey, Commercial Director from TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.), participated in a UK panel with SKM Enviros and the Carbon Trust. Together the panel presented their experiences from the UK in the adoption of energy efficient practices and the benefits of interval energy data in managing energy consumption, costs and emissions. TEAM recently represented

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