The Carbon Footprint Reporting Challenge

  What is a carbon footprint for? Well, first and foremost it is actually for giving a total amount of emissions associated within any organisation over one year. Who is likely to need carbon footprint reports? Local authorities are required to produce a local authority Greenhouse Gas Report. Or, any organisation that wants to produce a

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The Importance of Monitoring Renewables

Renewable Sources

The Importance of Monitoring Renewables The Importance of Monitoring Renewables View this blog as a video here I’m going to talk about the importance of monitoring renewable energy technologies. Renewables have been around for a little while now, and everybody thinks that they are going to save the planet, reduce our carbon emissions and provide

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Carbon Reduction Commitment Best Practice Tips

Henry Dougherty

Henry Dougherty Energy Consultant We are now more than half-way through this year, and in order to avoid any panic for the 2012/13 report which is due next year, it would be a good idea to start checking the quality of the data and the quantity of the data for all of the supply points

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