Understanding P272

Capacity Market Support

P272 is a regulatory change which alters the way business energy use is metered and billed. TEAM’s Bureau Manager, Scott Tomsett, explains more… All electricity suppliers have a P272 regulatory obligation directed by Ofgem to change the way customers with Profile Classes of 05 to 08 meters are billed. These changes must be made by

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TEAM joins forces with IBM’s SoftLayer Platform

TEAM Sigma Cloud Large

TEAM have joined forces with IBM SoftLayer to produce a video highlighting the benefits of Cloud computing. In 2015, TEAM moved to the Cloud with IBM’s SoftLayer platform and launched its next generation of Hosted Services – TEAM Sigma Cloud. Tim Holman, Solutions Director at TEAM, said: “We started looking at IBM’s SoftLayer platform because

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Managing Schools Energy with the Sigma Energy Viewer

Bedford Borough Council

Schools in Bedford are being introduced to the Sigma Energy Viewer (SEV) as part of an attempt to get them to pay less for their energy usage. Bedford Borough Council wants to raise energy and water awareness amongst schools and believes the Sigma Energy Viewer is the way forward. Samantha Guy, the council’s Senior Energy

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