Air Conditioning Inspection Reports

TM44 Air Conditioning Certificate Savings

What is an Air Conditioning Inspection Report? If you have an Air Conditioning System with a cooling capacity of 12kW or more in your building, you are required to have a valid Air Conditioning Inspection Report (ACIR) and a certificate in place. An inspection of the system should take place every five years and there

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Latest Team Sigma Release, Powered By Yellowfin

Yellowfin Software Intelligence

Combination of architectural updates and Yellowfin analytical software set to provide our Sigma customers with high-performance reporting tool A leading, end-to-end analytics tool has been embedded into our energy management software in the first of many structural updates to take place this year. Sigma Energy Intelligence is a modern and intuitive BI and analytics module

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TEAM retains official supplier status in SBS framework

NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework

Our bill validation, recovery and compliance services continue to be available to NHS trusts and other public-sector organisations within a Shared Business Services (SBS) framework agreement. The SBS framework is a joint venture between the Department of Health and Sopra Steria and is the market leading business support service. They set out to offer innovative

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Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

What is a Non-Domestic EPC? An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rates how energy efficient a building is. The certificate will tell you three key pieces of information: firstly, it will grade the building for efficiency from A to G (A is the most efficient grade); secondly it will give suggestions for improving the efficiency of

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Reasons to start ESOS phase 2 now

ESOS Scheme

The deadline for ESOS Phase 2 is 5th December 2019. Although this deadline is over 20 months away, TEAM’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme’s lead assessor, Justine Grant, gives 7 reasons why you should start now: Quality Lead Assessors are a requirement and they will be more in demand the closer you get to the deadlines.

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