A future framework for heat in buildings: call for evidence

future framework for heat in buildings

There is an opportunity for forming Government opinion and having legislation to support the renewables industry by contributing your opinion to the consultation on “A future framework for heat in buildings”. It’s clear that action on decarbonising heat must be increased during the 2020s. So, the Government has declared an ambition to phase out the

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Non-Domestic RHI changes

Non domestic RHI Scheme

Ofgem has announced on 17th May 2018 its reforms to the Non-Domestic RHI regulations. Ofgem published guidance in support of these regulation changes on the 22nd May for Non-Domestic RHI on the Ofgem website. Eligible Heat Use changes From 22 May, applications can no longer include heating a swimming pool other than one which is

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Steps to get your Display Energy Certificate done smoothly

Display Energy Certificate (DEC)

A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is designed to show the energy performance of public buildings. Public Sector organisations with buildings exceeding 250m2 that are frequently visited by the public are obliged to display a valid energy certificate and have an up to date Recommendation Report (RR). Failure to do so could result in penalties. First

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Sigma Energy Management software development; Yellowfin case study


Last week saw the launch of the latest version of the Sigma Energy Management software incorporating Sigma Energy Intelligence. By partnering with Yellowfin, we have created an exciting new addition to the Sigma hosted-software suite. Yellowfin was chosen, following a lengthy vendor-selection process, to provide us with their industry-leading business intelligence, dashboard, reporting, and data-analytics

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