Wholesale Energy Market Review 31 August 2018

Energy Wholesale Market View

Headlines All gas and power contracts rose this week, with contracts continuing to hit new highs amid bullish market fundamentals, including fresh 10-year high carbon prices, and rising coal and oil prices. EU ETS carbon prices increased 4.9% to average €20.5/t. Prices hit a fresh 10-year high of €21.8/t on 27 August amid low auction

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Have you budgeted for Climate Change Levy increases?

Climate Change Levy

From 1 April next year the Climate Change Levy (CCL) applied to all business electricity, gas and solid fuel use is increasing significantly. This is primarily to offset the loss in revenue that the government will suffer as the CRC scheme comes to an end next year. However, for those who have never been part

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TEAM Energy appoints Product and Service Development Manager

Product and Service Development Manager appointed to lead the delivery of our product and services strategy and progress the evolution of Sigma Energy Management Software. Tom Anderton has been appointed to lead our product and services strategy which includes creating and implementing products and services, evaluating target markets and securing long-term, profitable growth and revenue.

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Important lessons learnt from the ESOS Phase 1 audit

Justine Grant - Renewable Heat Incentive expert

An important date to be aware of for your ESOS phase 2 audit is 31 December 2018. This date must be included in your 12 months’ worth of energy data. So, if you start Phase 2 now, this date will be included, and you will reduce the risk of missing deadlines and you will avoid

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BEIS seeks views on performance of EPCs

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in buildings

As pledged in the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched a consultation on the role of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in buildings. They want to understand the causes for discrepancies in EPCs for the same or similar buildings and where the potential issues come from. Another

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Protecting your business through energy management

TEAM Energy Procurement Service

In a recent webinar presented by our procurement partner, Tradition Energy talked about energy risk management and why it is vital for businesses. With energy procurement an important factor in an energy management strategy, managing risks can be a complicated game of finding the sweet spot between taking advantage of market opportunities and leveraging all

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A journey of discovery

Energy in Buildings & Industry July/August 2018

Energy and Buildings in Industry recently interviewed Alexis Percival, Environmental and Sustainability Manager from Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, in their Talking Heads feature. As a TEAM customer, we’re proud to be working with such a pioneering personality and helping Alexis manage Yorkshire Ambulance’s sustainability and energy management. Read her story here

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