About TEAM

EDW TechnologyTEAM is a leading supplier of carbon and energy management solutions. We specialise in energy management software to help businesses manage and report on their energy data; offer energy bureau services to support organisations with their monitoring and targeting; and provide an energy consultancy service to help organisations get the most out of energy schemes and initiatives.

Founded in 1985, we have customers from all sectors including private and public, education, government, NHS, emergency services, service providers and utilities.

We have been designing and building energy measuring and monitoring solutions for more than 30 years. Developed alongside industry professionals, our scalable cloud-based solutions are equipped to meet any organisation’s energy management needs.

We consistently deliver energy savings that exceed the cost of our services and products. On average our bill validation service recovers five times more than the cost of the service.

Our vision is to help each one of our customers to build a successful and optimised energy management service.

With our core values we strive to:

  • Take responsibility for our actions and deliver on our promises
  • Take the promises we make to our customers seriously. Seeking their feedback keeps us on track and helps us to deliver improvements
  • Maintain a collaborative working environment that delivers rich interaction with customers and colleagues
  • Value and respect our customers; their needs, views and feedback drive what we do
  • Embrace and drive change with our customers to achieve common goals and targets
  • Build open, honest and trusting relationships with all our customers. We make fair decisions for everyone.

Since the acquisition in 2017 by EDW Technology, we have delivered several product and service enhancements. Sigma Energy Intelligence, a high-performance reporting tool, is a brand-new addition to the Energy Management Software suite; Sigma Tenant Billing software, providing efficient and transparent tenant billing, has been launched; and the Energy Bureau service has boosted bill recovery performance with a new business intelligence tool. Look at our Product Roadmap for an overview of what is planned for the future.

In December 2019, both TEAM and EDW Technology secured long-term strategic growth by moving into employee ownership. The move confirmed our commitment to customers and employees to invest and grow the business, to continue to provide expert solutions and services to meet the demands of future energy management.

Accredited with the Information Security, Quality and Environmental management systems, we are committed to the safety and security of our customers, continually improving our solutions and services, and supporting a culture of environmental awareness.