About TEAM

TEAM Logo with CirclesTEAM is the UK’s leading supplier of carbon and energy management solutions. With over 500 customers in the UK and worldwide we specialise in energy management software, outsourced energy management services and energy consultancy.

TEAM consistently produces energy savings that exceed the cost of our services and products. Founded in 1985, TEAM has customers from all sectors including Commerce, Industry and Government. Our solutions are used across the globe, from Europe and Australasia, to America and Russia.

Since March 2010 TEAM has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation based on using an innovative paperless quality and environmental management system.

Since 1988 we have been holding an annual User Group Conference to meet with customers and each spring we host a series of regional support groups. These events allow TEAM to gain valuable information on legislation and compliance and update customers with latest developments in the energy sector. TEAM is committed through its Environmental Policy to continually improve environmental performance and support a culture of environmental awareness.

About TEAM Values

At TEAM we are committed to practising what we preach and to the environmental issues and health matters that affect us all.

We are serious about how our business and people can make a positive contribution in these areas. Below are a few examples of the shared practices that sets our company apart from others.

ISO14001 (Environmental Management System Standard)
TEAM has had the Environmental Management System Standard since March 2010. The environmental impact everyone makes is an important issue across the globe, with pressure to minimise that impact coming from many sources, including customers, governments, trade associations, supply chains and others social and financial stakeholders. TEAM has an established corporate-wide environmental policy to address waste minimisation, waste management and consideration of environmental impact when evaluating new products, projects and operations. At TEAM we are dedicated to protecting and improving the environment in all areas of our business. From conserving resources, recycling paper, WEEE and general waste as well as constantly producing energy and cost savings for our customers.

ISO9001 (Quality Management System)
Since March 2010 TEAM has had ISO 9001 accreditation based on using an innovative paperless quality management system. The Quality Management System (QMS) Accreditation is one of the most popular quality management systems in the world. It is a formalised system that documents the structure, responsibilities and procedures required to achieve effective quality management of all processes and procedures. At TEAM, this means that our commitment to quality has been rigorously proven and demonstrated by an independent body.

At TEAM, we have our own intranet which is based on Wikipedia. It is intended as a business tool to capture the knowledge of processes and practices used at TEAM, but can also be used for assembling an online community and keeping employees informed of events and news relating to the business. The possibilities might make wiki seem like a daunting system, but commitment to simplicity makes wiki tools a breeze.

Community & Charity work
TEAM are very active in the local community and participate in local and national fundraising events. For more about TEAM in the Community page visit our Facebook page for examples of our work.

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“Splendid customer event. Very useful and will definitely improve my use of the TEAM Sigma system.”

Pamela Ugulu, Energy Accounts Officer, London Borough of Haringey
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