Are you getting a good quality DEC service?

So how do you know you are getting a good quality DEC service?

Here’s a checklist…

In 2013, according to the Landmark Register, 38,191 Display Energy Certificates (DECs) were lodged in England and Wales. Considering the number of companies and DECs assessors in the country it is amazing to think that TEAM issued 1,270 (3%).

Why are so many councils, offices, schools coming to TEAM to have their DECs and Recommendation Reports produced?  The answer is because we offer a high quality DEC service and good value for money.

Obviously it’s easy for me to say this being a DEC Assessor at TEAM. Let me put forward the reasons why I believe we provide a high level of DEC service to our customers:

1. Process Reviews – ISO9001DEC

We at TEAM pride ourselves on our ISO9001 certification; all internal DEC process/procedures are regularly reviewed and updated where necessary.

2. IT & Data Storage

All data used in the production of Display Energy Certificates must be stored for 7 years. At TEAM we have numerous secure systems in place to ensure that should anything go wrong, other servers are in place, which has resulted in no loss of IT time for the DEC assessors in 2013. In addition all work is backed up off-site.

3. DEC Tracking Updates

Once an order has been confirmed the production of the DEC is tracked from start to finish using an internal tracking system.  This system provides all members of the Energy Services Team access to current progress of each DEC; the tracking system also allows for a regular update to be sent to our customers.

4. Internal audits

At least 25% of all DECs are audited internally before they are issued. The audits ensure all information used for the production of a DEC is correct.

5. External audits

Each year all accreditation bodies are required to carry out audits on a percentage of all DECs lodged. Last year TEAMs DEC assessors were audited 14 times.  Out of the 14 audits, only 1 failed (7%). This resulted in significant revisions to the internal audit and DEC tracking system. The customer whose DEC failed the audit was contacted and informed of the reason why the DEC failed and working with the customer the DEC was reissued and passed audit.

For information, in 2013 13.26% of DECs audited by one accreditation body failed.

A calculator, pen, and financial statement.6. Free DEC download

Once a DEC certificate has been successfully lodged, the final pdf is downloaded from the Landmark Register and saved in a specific folder which updates the customer TEAM Sigma DEC Viewer. Our customers can log on to our website and view all of their DECs (retrieve the pdfs copies if they wish) and compare the new DEC against other sites via a league table.

7. DEC Site Visits

Just in case you don’t know, a DEC assessor CANNOT lodge a DEC if they haven’t visited the site. Our DEC Assessors contact the site in advance and confirm a date with the site contact directly. During the visit our assessors will take various measurements, write notes, take photos and ask multiple questions. Each of our assessors are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked.

8. Meter Readings

If you’re a TEAM Energy Bureau customer, with the new TEAM mobile meter reading app, our DEC assessors will not only check your meter readings for the purpose of the DEC, they can also provide a meter read to your Energy Bureau Team from your energy database.

9. The Certificate

Once the DEC is produced an email is sent to the customer informing them of their completed DEC. A pdf is either attached or added to the Sigma DEC Viewer for the customer to download. Finally an A3 (Colour) laminated copy of the certificate is either posted to site or to the main contact.

Does the service you currently get provide you all of the above? If not then maybe you should consider TEAM for your next DEC.

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Posted by TEAM on 9 July 2014