Display Energy Certificates: a closer inspection

The purpose of a DEC (Display Energy Certificate) is to exhibit the energy performance and the efficiency of a building to members of the public and building users. This is illustrated in a simple graph format on a scale of A-G.

If you’re new to energy management, looking after a public building, or have never had to deal with a DEC before, you may find this useful. Here is a handy breakdown of a DEC and what each component means.

Click on the elements of the DEC to discover more.

Building Owner/Occupier
Operational Rating
Unique Reference Number
Energy Perfomance Operational Rating
Previous Operational Ratings
Operational Rating
Total Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Total Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Assessment Details


DECs are a legal requirement for all buildings accessed by the public that receive funding from the public sector with a floor area of above 250 m2. DECs and accompanying Recommendation Reports can motivate building occupiers to make energy efficiency improvements, realise energy savings and improve future Operational Ratings.

For further advice on DECs, to get a certificate done for your organisation, or to renew an expired DEC, contact us today.

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Posted by TEAM on 25 April 2019