Energy Billing Articles

DCP161 – Time to act


As of 1st April, DCP161 will be effective. Introduced by Ofgem, this new regulation will allow utility companies to charge a penalty rate when their commercial customers draw more power than expected. DCP161 changes the Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) and will introduce Excess Capacity penalties for Half Hourly (HH) electricity supplies.

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TEAM helps reduce energy billing disputes amongst tenants

Energy Saving Opportunity (ESOS) Scheme

Ellen Salazar explains how TEAM can help reduce disputes relating to energy billing charges between landlords and tenants. Many organisations who own or manage multiple or multi-let properties, claim that their energy billing system frequently causes problems and can be very time consuming. Landlords are being left out-of-pocket and conflicts relating to energy charges are

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Utility Billing Survey

Paul Martin

Survey Highlights Energy Management Failings in UK Public Sector TEAM, the UK’s leading energy management solutions provider announced today that the UK Public Sector could be responsible for energy oversights amounting to a staggering £147 million. TEAM, the largest outsourced Energy Bureau Service provider in the UK, identified in a recent survey of nearly 200,000

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