TEAM helps reduce energy billing disputes amongst tenants

Ellen Salazar explains how TEAM can help reduce disputes relating to energy billing charges between landlords and tenants.
Energy billing amongst tenants

TEAM Tenant Billing Consultancy

Many organisations who own or manage multiple or multi-let properties, claim that their energy billing system frequently causes problems and can be very time consuming. Landlords are being left out-of-pocket and conflicts relating to energy charges are increasing as tenants become more aware of their rights.

Tenant recharging has long been a challenge for landlords and managing agents in the multi-let commercial property sector. On some sites landlords include utility usage costs, apportioned on floor area, within rent or lease. However, this can lead to difficulties because, inevitably, some tenants use more energy than others.

When it comes to energy recharges, tenants expect to pay for what they’ve used so landlords need to be able to accurately calculate each tenant’s consumption.

In many cases, landlords are being left thousands of pounds out of pocket because they haven’t got an appropriate energy billing system in place.

TEAM can help you apportion your energy bills

A number of organisations have approached us to devise a robust energy billing algorithm that stands up to potential challenges by tenants. Our aim is to make life easier for organisations by devising a billing model that is clear, transparent and accurate.

TEAM’s Tenant Billing Consultancy Service can help organisations to accurately divide utility costs between tenants. It is ideal for organisations who own or manage multiple or multi-let properties, including residential housing, retail parks, offices, ports, airports, service stations and industrial sites. This service is extremely flexible and can be adapted to individual requirements.

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TEAM Tenant Billing

Posted by TEAM on 14 August 2015