What are the benefits of an energy bureau service?

There are multiple benefits for an organisation to use an energy bureau. Here are some of the benefits for handing over responsibility of your invoices and your finance reporting to an outsourced office.

Maximised Cost Recovery

Energy Bureau ServiceThe main motivation for organisations to outsource is financial savings. Whilst huge savings are not guaranteed, a bureau service will generate savings when discrepancies are identified and investigated with your supplier’s invoices. Our bureau service will handle the time-consuming task of loading utility invoices patiently and in detail. We will identify the potential errors, liaise directly with suppliers and handle the process maximising cost savings on your behalf. On average we can save our customers five times more than the cost of the service and in 2017 we saved our customers over £5m.

These are not the only savings…

Cost and strategic benefits

Our customers find that the administration time usually tied up with data entry and spreadsheets is better utilised focusing on core energy management processes. Not only that but by having the data handled on their behalf they can free up time to ensure that their organisation can keep on top of it’s legislative and compliance responsibilities.

By recruiting an energy bureau, you are not only passing on the responsibility of populating a database but also storing the data which has an operating cost benefit and saves on your organisations infrastructure.

Benefit from our rich experience

Managing relationships with multiple utility suppliers across many sites can be a tricky task for any team to execute effectively. TEAM’s bureau experts have built these relationships already and have the experience to manage any energy portfolio – that includes reviewing historic billing data, checking tariffs and contracts and negotiating refunds.

Because TEAM develops software internally, the energy bureau can bring new energy management software options to your attention. We can guide you in using the most effective methods of gathering, processing and checking data and support the way you can access your data and create reports.

Scalability and Agility

Organisations are constantly subject to change, from staffing, portfolios or mergers.

Staff changes, and holidays often means gaps in knowledge and processes, these gaps can be filled with outsourced specialist services – and due to the scalability of using and energy bureau, savings can be identified in the process.

When an organisation starts to grow, so can the workload. Individual’s time may be better used implementing energy saving projects or in other areas of their jobs, and the processing of invoices and chasing of suppliers becomes a hindrance. This is where an outsourced energy bureau can assist in taking away the time-consuming elements of processing utility invoices.

An energy bureau service offers flexibility of service to an organisation’s changing needs and is dedicated to taking care of your contract, your utility bill validation processes will continue, no matter what.

It’s not just about cost recoveries. With TEAM’s energy bureau you’ll benefitting from access to technical service innovations and best practice process management, which means we constantly review that you are getting the most efficient service.

So, with a bureau providing a reliable and consistent service – tapping into potential cost recoveries and utilising a wealth of industry contacts on your behalf at all times – no matter what is happening in your organisation, what’s not to like?

Posted by TEAM on 22 January 2018