How we can help organisations paint the best year-end picture?

For many organisations, the year-end is April and for many organisations, budgets are set based on what the spend was for the previous year.

This is the case for council and NHS trusts. Due to pressures of budget cuts, it’s especially important for them to present the most accurate figures on their energy spend.

It goes without saying that our Energy Bureau team chase missing bills for all our customers, but at this time of year, there are many other things we can do to help organisations with their accruals at year-end.

Here are a few ways we can help.

  • Quality data
    We have developed capability that enables the automation and accurate processing of large volumes of paper and PDF bills. This enhances data quality and speeds-up bill processing. High-quality data leads to more representative accruals and estimations.
  • Network of contacts
    Our team of recovery experts have great relationships with utility suppliers and have direct access with the right people to speed up recovery rates in time for year-end.
  • Economies of scale
    Our Data Management team deals with large volumes of missing bills. Working directly with each energy supplier we can request multiple invoices for individual customers through one account manager. Requesting invoices in a group achieves faster more efficient results and less holding music!
  • Sigma reporting
    It goes without saying that there will be missing bills at the end of the month. The missing bills reporting function within Sigma energy management solution highlights billing gaps. With the data rich dashboard reporting tool, Sigma Energy Intelligence, our Bureau team can provide customers with access to consumption estimates and an accurate forecast of the cost of the missing bills. This provides an accrual value.
  • Face-to-face conversations
    Our Bureau Service Delivery Managers regularly have face-to-face meetings with our customers. In these meetings, we can better understand our customers’ needs and any time-critical pressures. This guarantees dedicated time to review missing bills and data and to provide the best estimates for our customer’s year-end accounts.

So, if you are going through the painstaking and critical process of accruing your year-end budget, it might be time to talk to us so we can manage the process of chasing bills swiftly and thoroughly.

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Posted by TEAM on 14 March 2019