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Opportunities for maximising energy efficiency in different building types

Whether your organisation’s energy estate is large or small, there is one thing that is certain, the types of buildings you occupy will influence the way you should manage its energy. A building’s performance A building’s design and construction will affect its energy consumption performance. There are several varying characteristics to consider when looking at

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Achieving net zero: we need a new normal

Looking ahead to a future post the COVID-19 pandemic, Tom Anderton, Head of Customer Success, considers how organisations will need to navigate and adapt to a new normal to meet climate targets. We are without a doubt experiencing a period of unprecedented disruption. There’s not one person, organisation or sector that hasn’t been affected; and

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Energy management series: Find meaning in your data

People discussing energy

In the previous energy management blog, we talked about quality data being the starting point for an efficient energy strategy. So, now that you have a secure and reliable set of data for a defined period, the next stage is to make effective and proactive use of it. There are a variety of ways to

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10 top tips for becoming more energy efficient while working from home

During this current climate, many of us will be working from home. As a result, we may see our domestic energy bills rise as we turn our heating up during the day and begin to use our appliances more frequently. To help you save energy and manage the increase in your bills, we have spoken

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Smart businesses embrace SECR

TEAM Energy Management, Bureau and Consultancy

The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework has brought environmental reporting and its benefits to the fore for many more organisations. Businesses carrying out environmental reporting for the first time may not see the potential benefits, but rather view the new legislation as a burden and a box-ticking exercise to avoid non-compliance. From a

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10 top tips for energy professionals when shutting down your building

With the recent announcement made by the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, your organisation may be shutting down the office for the foreseeable future. To help ensure this can be done as efficiently as possible, we asked our Senior Energy Consultant, Sam Arje, to share some advice on ensuring your office/building is running safely while

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Sigma Spotlight – our 2019 highlights

Sigma Feature Summary

Throughout 2019 we delivered a number of new software solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers and industry. The launch of our Tenant Billing solution and advanced Data Monitoring and Estate Management tools signaled a step-change in the evolution of the system. To coincide with the first software update of the year, we

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Energy management series: Where am I starting from?

We’ve broadened our consultancy expertise with latest appointments

The starting point for energy management is data and the most successful and efficient energy management strategy is to ensure that it is built on a foundation of good quality data. Good quality data is crucial for your business. It is the key to compliance, streamlined budgeting, and surpassing carbon reduction targets. It also provides

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Our advice for maximising your new year energy planning

We’ve broadened our consultancy expertise with latest appointments

The new year always feels like an opportunity for a new beginning, but this January is particularly bountiful for many in providing space for change and progress for those working in energy management. A number of key legislative requirements have finished – the ESOS Phase 2 deadline has passed and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

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New Year Energy Diet in Five Steps

Energy management series: who will be my buddy?

So, it’s no secret, a bit of excess at Christmas might well leave many needing to shed a few pounds in the weeks afterwards – it almost seems inevitable! A similarly inescapable truth seems to be that pounds are only ever added to energy bills; long term trends see prices go up, but not down.

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Have yourself an energy efficient Christmas

Trend Analysis and Exception Reporting

The countdown to Christmas is on. With only a few weeks left in the year, any new meaningful projects may well have to wait until the new year; but you can still be productive. Now is the perfect time to reflect on the year and tie up loose ends, so when you return to your

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Winter energy assessment: 10 factors to consider

Display Energy Certificates

Now that daylight-saving has ended there will be a dramatic change in light at the end of the day. As the days get shorter and the temperature drops over the coming months, your organisation’s energy consumption will naturally rise. To help you make your seasonal assessment of your building controls and to ensure that your

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Energy management series: Who will be my buddy?

TEAM’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) service

Adopting good energy management practices can present significant challenges to an organisation. To successfully introduce an energy management strategy that will potentially disrupt and seek to influence a wide audience will need good support throughout the business. One person will never be enough, not only to launch such a strategy, but also to sustain it.

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Energy management series: Where to begin

Energy Saving Opportunity (ESOS) Scheme

Over the next 12 months, we are going to guide you through the process of establishing an energy management strategy that is fully embedded in your organisation. It’s a process like any other and in this introductory strategic overview, we want to give you the basic secrets to success; knowledge, power, and resilience. Knowledge This

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Top ten energy-saving tips for cooling this summer

It’s still debatable as to whether we’ll enjoy the same hot summer we had last year. But you never can tell when we might hit a heatwave. So, it’s worth making some preparations to make your working environments more comfortable and energy efficient. When it gets hot outside, it’s tempting to reach straight for the

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What are the Energy Performance of Building Regulations (EPBR)?

Energy Surveys and Data Validation

In 2002 the EU Directive on the energy performance of buildings was introduced. The notion was to make people aware of the impact of climate change and reduce the energy consumption of buildings and carbon emissions. The principle behind the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (EPBR) is to make the energy efficiency of a building

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What’s the price you are setting for your energy use this year?

Budget setting? Let TEAM Energy help

Energy budget setting is not easy when the cost of electricity and gas is an ever-changing picture. To help make your energy budget setting a more accurate and simple process, here are a few tips. 1. Maximise the accuracy of your historical data Inevitably, a large part of estimating for the future involves looking back

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Make the most of the festive shutdown

Display Energy Certificates

Are you lucky enough to have a Christmas shutdown or even just the extra days where your offices aren’t open at Christmas and New Year? If yes, then take the chance to let these non-working days do some energy management work for you! It’s an ideal time to measure the baseload energy usage in your

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Protecting your business through energy management

TEAM Energy Procurement Service

In a recent webinar presented by our procurement partner, Tradition Energy talked about energy risk management and why it is vital for businesses. With energy procurement an important factor in an energy management strategy, managing risks can be a complicated game of finding the sweet spot between taking advantage of market opportunities and leveraging all

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TEAM Energy – What you’ve missed in 2016

TEAM Energy looking back over 2016

Here at TEAM we have had a great year with a multitude of improvements to our software and services and we would like to share our achievements with you. We have been reaping the benefits of our next generation of Hosted Services – TEAM Sigma Cloud with superfast Gigabit internet connectivity and the highest level

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Is your energy dashboard up to the challenge?

Paul Martin

Is your energy dashboard up to the challenge? Over the past year there has been an astonishing number of new entrants to the energy and carbon software market placing energy web dashboards at the forefront of their marketing efforts. Many new dashboard applications are launched claiming to be much more effective in creating energy awareness

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