ESOS – Non-compliant businesses urged to take ‘immediate action’

ESOS Newsletter Issue 1 2016Businesses who have not started their Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance are being sent letters and urged to take immediate action.

Up to 3,500 companies still haven’t notified the Environment Agency (EA) of their intent to comply.

Under current legislation, over 10,000 of the UK’s largest businesses must conduct a detailed energy audit across their business operations. But according to the latest ESOS Newsletter (published by the EA) only 4,000 have complied and 2,500 submitted an “Intent to Comply’ notification.

A spokesman for the EA said letters had been sent to all those it hadn’t heard from. He said:

“We have recently written to all of the corporate groups from who we have not yet received notifications, but that we believe qualify, to remind them of the need to implement the scheme, its benefits, and the risk of enforcement action. Organisations covered by ESOS that receive one of these letters should take immediate action by submitting a notification of compliance, or by notifying their intent to comply and progressing their steps to implement ESOS.”

All large businesses in the UK that employ at least 250 people, or have an annual turnover above £38.9m and an annual balance sheet total above £33.4m, must take part in the scheme.

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Posted by TEAM on 19 January 2016