The ESOS deadline is almost here

As the ESOS scheme nears its deadline a newsletter offering tips on compliance and how to avoid enforcement action has been released by the Environment Agency (EA).

The ESOS deadline is nearly hereDespite the 5th December 2015 deadline the EA does not expect to take enforcement action for late notification provided it is received by 29th January 2016. However, companies must tell the EA if they are going to be late before 5th December by submitting an ‘Intent to Comply’ notification on the EA’s online portal.

Firms submitting a late notification must also keep records in their evidence pack of effort towards ESOS compliance, including appointment of a lead assessor, prior to the deadline.

Who qualifies under the ESOS scheme?

All large businesses in the UK that employ at least 250 people, or have an annual turnover above £38.9m and an annual balance sheet total above £33.4m, must take part in the scheme.

Jo Scully, ESOS Project Manager for the Environment Agency, said:

“I’m regularly asked for updates on the number of firms that are ESOS compliant. It’s true that progress was slow to begin with but the number has been steadily going up and now over 1,000 organisations have notified us that they have complied.”

She added:

“Of course that number is still modest compared to the 10,000 or so organisations that qualify. However, we know that many more organisations are very close to completing their notification but have not yet filled in the form, which can only be done at the end of the process.”

Do you need help with the ESOS Scheme?

TEAM’s experienced consultants can provide a full ESOS Consultancy; starting from Initial Assessment to a full review of available energy data and the submission of your data to the Environment Agency.

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Posted by TEAM on 26 November 2015