What are the benefits of an energy bureau service?

Energy Bureau Service
22nd January 2018

There are multiple benefits for an organisation to use an energy bureau. Here are some of the benefits for handing over responsibility of your invoices and your finance reporting to an outsourced office. Maximised Cost Recovery The main motivation for organisations to outsource is financial savings. Whilst huge savings are not guaranteed, a bureau service

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TEAM Energy – What you’ve missed in 2016

TEAM Energy looking back over 2016
16th January 2017

Here at TEAM we have had a great year with a multitude of improvements to our software and services and we would like to share our achievements with you. We have been reaping the benefits of our next generation of Hosted Services – TEAM Sigma Cloud with superfast Gigabit internet connectivity and the highest level

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Understanding P272

Capacity Market Support
16th June 2016

P272 is a regulatory change which alters the way business energy use is metered and billed. TEAM’s Bureau Manager, Scott Tomsett, explains more… All electricity suppliers have a P272 regulatory obligation directed by Ofgem to change the way customers with Profile Classes of 05 to 08 meters are billed. These changes must be made by

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Do you know how to manage your utility supplier?

Manage your utility supplier course
11th January 2016

TEAM’s Bureau Manager Scott Tomsett explains how a unique training course could help many businesses reduce their energy bills and manage their suppliers. Thousands of UK businesses are battling against their energy suppliers, with common complaints ranging from providers issuing incorrect bills to confusion over complex tariffs. Understanding an energy bill can often be confusing

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Customer Focus – Teesside University

Teesside University
26th November 2015

Teesside University makes major savings thanks to TEAM Over the last 6-years TEAM Sigma Software has helped Teesside University identify hundreds of thousands of pounds in energy savings. The university uses TEAM Sigma monitoring and targeting Software to help manage their billing data, AMR data and to create analysis reports. They upload their meter reads

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Customer Focus – Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport
10th November 2015

Despite substantial expansion and rising passenger numbers in recent years Birmingham Airport has managed to reduce their overall energy consumption. A major part of identifying excess consumption has been the TEAM Sigma Software, which the airport uses to turn vast amounts of raw data into meaningful energy management data. Birmingham Airport is the third largest

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Customer Focus – Bill Anderson, Energy Officer, The Moray Council

1st October 2015

Being tasked with driving down a council’s energy consumption, cutting carbon emissions and, ultimately, reducing its annual spend, is no mean feat. We caught up with Bill Anderson, Energy Officer at The Moray Council, to find out how he has managed to achieve all of the above. The Moray Council has a large and diverse

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Who Are We?

Kim Gower Software Trainer
19th August 2015

Introducing Kim Gower, Software Trainer Here at TEAM we are committed to building strong relationships with our customers. As part of our commitment we’ve decided to launch a ‘Who We Are’ column focussing on our staff. This month we caught up with Software Trainer, Kim Gower, to find out more about TEAM Training. Kim joined

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What we did in 2014 and what’s planned for 2015

Paul Martin
16th December 2014

Paul Martin Managing Director at TEAM I hope you are all looking forward to the festive period ahead and back over a successful year 2014. At TEAM we have had a great year with a multitude of improvements to the Sigma Software including the launch of our free Sigma Energy Viewer, allowing you to share

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Signs you need an Energy Bureau Service

TEAM Bureau Service
9th July 2014

An Energy Bureau is something that can bring multiple benefits to an organisation – having the bills handled by an outsourced office, taking away the responsibility of querying invoices, having energy & finance reporting completed on your behalf. Often clients find that once the system is in place and fully integrated to their own ways

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Top 5 reasons to sign up to the TEAM newsletter

TEAM Newsletter
26th June 2014

Why sign up to the TEAM Newsletter? We have been distributing the TEAM Newsletter for more than 20 years. It is the best way to stay informed about popular energy related topics and the latest information in your industry. 1. It’s free We send out the TEAM newsletter every 8 weeks completely free of charge,

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TEAM Regional Support Groups 2014 Round-up

Andrea Shoel
3rd June 2014

A round-up from TEAM… Andrea Shoel, Business Development Manager We opened the series of Regional Support Groups in Belfast, and so far we’ve travelled to Exeter, Chepstow, Birmingham, London, Bridge of Allan and Durham. Over half way through and I am proud to say more than 140 of our valued customers have joined us on

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2013 at TEAM in a nutshell

Paul Martin
23rd January 2014

We are looking forward to 2014 and working with you throughout the upcoming year. Last year’s launches Over the last year at TEAM we have seen several new product releases shaped by UK based regulation changes and requests from our customers. We also launched our Project Tracking & M+V software and version 8 of the

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TEAM Regional Support Groups off to a flying start

Andrea Shoel
16th May 2013

TEAM Regional Support Groups 2015 This week has seen the start of our annual series of TEAM Regional Support Groups. These are free to attend events hosted by our TEAM Directors, software experts, customer guest speakers and our Customer Account Managers. Packed with all the latest information and updates of our energy and carbon management

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Introducing Our New Customer Support Portal

Timothy Holman
9th May 2013

Introducing our new TEAM Customer Support Portal “We are pleased to provide TEAM customers with a new, simple way of keeping up to date with the developments in Sigma software, future plans and your own requests, all in one place. We have decided to set up the portal as an extra method of communicating with

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Top TEAM Highlights of 2012

Paul Martin
10th January 2013

Top TEAM Highlights of 2012 by Paul Martin, Managing Director at TEAM Happy New Year to you all. 2012 was a fantastic year for us at TEAM, we’ve seen new and renewed partnerships, introduced a new release of our software Sigma 7, and a new series of training courses and webinars. We’ve had speakers out

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Why check your commercial utility bill?

TEAM Bureau Service
23rd March 2012

Overcharging on a commercial utility bill is more common than you might think. There are many reasons why an overcharge may occur on a gas, electricity or water bill. From the obvious water leak to an undetected error in the account number, you can see from the chart below, the issues that our energy bureau

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Insight into Indian Sustainability

TEAM Bureau Service
15th March 2012

Stuart Turvey, Commercial Director from TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.), participated in a UK panel with SKM Enviros and the Carbon Trust. Together the panel presented their experiences from the UK in the adoption of energy efficient practices and the benefits of interval energy data in managing energy consumption, costs and emissions. TEAM recently represented

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Utility Billing Survey

Survey Highlights Energy Management Failings in UK Public Sector TEAM, the UK’s leading energy management solutions provider announced today that the UK Public Sector could be responsible for energy oversights amounting to a staggering £147 million. TEAM, the largest outsourced Energy Bureau Service provider in the UK, identified in a recent survey of nearly 200,000

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