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Every business is different and often complex in its own way, which is why not every approach to carbon reduction will look the same. Whether your goals are to achieve complete net zero, or explore becoming carbon neutral first, our team of experts can support you on your journey to carbon reduction.

What does it mean to be carbon neutral?

For some organisations, the pressure to reduce the impact of their carbon footprint can come from a number of different places, including employees, future talent, stakeholders, supply chain, and customers. Although reducing the emissions your business emits can be a long and complex road, taking small steps can lead to exciting change.

To become carbon neutral, a business must calculate its current carbon emissions, and reduce them through energy efficiency measures for example, and by offsetting the emissions associated with its operations. This can be achieved by investing in verified carbon offsetting schemes, and could also include insetting emissions within their own supply chain.

Despite carbon offsetting projects receiving some negative commentary, research by Ecosystem Marketplace has found that 59% of organisations who offset their emissions through the voluntary carbon market have reported a decrease in emissions, in comparison to 33% of businesses who have not purchased carbon credits. By offsetting their emissions, organisations are taking that first step in their carbon reduction journey and will often continue this commitment instead of using it to simply meet compliance requirements. This makes carbon neutral a great stepping stone in an organisation’s journey to committing to net zero. 

How TEAM can help you purchase carbon offset credits and achieve carbon neutrality

By analysing and providing insight into your Scope emissions data, our team will advise on the ways your business may be able to reduce unnecessary emissions in your operations. Although some emissions can be easily reduced, others will be more suited to long-term plans or in cases where they cannot be reduced, will need to be offset.  

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Our team will recommend offsetting projects your business can invest in that will meet your business objectives. With so many different schemes, and a lack of regulation in the Voluntary Carbon Market, businesses may feel concerned about choosing the wrong project, our team will advise you on how to choose a verified scheme to ensure your business is not accused of greenwashing.

What are the key benefits of becoming a carbon neutral organisation?

  • Better understand your organisation’s carbon emissions
  • Fulfil your environmental and corporate social responsibility
  • By working with a carbon reduction consultancy, you can avoid accusations of greenwashing
  • Invest in verified offsetting projects that align with your organisation’s values
  • With a complete view of your carbon emissions, create a tailored strategy for achieving your carbon reduction goals
  • Differentiate your organisation from competitors by demonstrating best practice in carbon reduction and energy efficiency
  • Demonstrate improved performance year on year by establishing ongoing monitoring of GHG emissions
  • Build your organisation into a leader of sustainability, and become a more attractive investment to customers, stakeholders, and future employee talent
  • Elevate your organisation’s reputation through your contribution to reducing your carbon emissions, positive environmental change and investment in future generations

What are the four key steps to becoming a carbon neutral business?

Understand your current carbon emissions and what you need to do to become a carbon neutral business.

Find a credible offset scheme that will achieve a positive outcome and aligns with your values.

Ensure your carbon offsetting scheme is verified to the highest standard so you can avoid claims of greenwashing.

Congratulations, you are carbon neutral! This milestone will allow you to work towards your net zero targets.

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