Behaviour Change Programmes for Sustainable Business

The benefits of a good energy efficiency strategy include financial savings, a greener reputation, and a more comfortable environment for your workforce. For an energy management strategy to succeed, commitment and support from your whole organisation is essential. 

To really make a significant and positive difference to how your business reduces energy consumption, carbon emissions, and associated costs, the key to success lies in shifting the entire organisation’s mindset towards sustainability. 

We offer programmes to help you transform your business through behaviour change and embed a company-wide culture of sustainability as well as workshops to engage your staff to make a positive impact on organisational sustainability. Both of our energy Behaviour Change programmes are led by a registered EnCO (Energy Conscious Organisation) consultant. 

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Transforming your business through behaviour change and energy training 

By inspiring the thinking of the people who know your business best, your workforce, to become more conscious of their workplace habits, you can make a scalable difference to your organisation’s carbon footprint, energy use and expenditure. 

Driving down energy consumption throughout your business operations can bring many benefits to your organisation. As well as financial savings, your organisation’s commitment to environmental sustainability will be recognised by your customers, current and future staff, other businesses and the local community. 

These changes can be highlighted through your compliance obligations, helping you to lower your carbon emissions, contributing to a better environment and supporting the Government’s net-zero agenda. 

Our suite of training services will take your organisation on a journey towards sustainable thinking. We will work alongside you to help inform your workforce, to understand and be mindful of the impact of their actions on the environment. Through the development of a formal strategy that incorporates policy building, communications planning, and awareness training workshops, we will help you to achieve your organisation’s sustainability goals. 

What are the key opportunities for embedding sustainable thinking through energy training? 

  • Investing in energy and environmental behaviour change training can deliver high levels of return 
  • By fostering a culture of energy efficiency, improve your organisation’s energy use and deliver long term sustainability 
  • Build your organisation into a leader of sustainability, and become a more attractive investment to customers, stakeholders, and future employee talent 
  • Achieve operational cost-savings through increased awareness of energy use and efficiency 
  • Establish a team of energy champions to encourage colleagues to be mindful of their energy habits, supporting successful transformation 
  • Help your teams to bond through working towards a common goal
  • Sustained best practices set by your workforce can contribute to the improved use of building controls, prolonging the lifespan and reliability of your organisation’s building assets 
  • Demonstrate year-on-year improvement in company emissions and in your environmental reporting 
  • Increased company-wide understanding, knowledge, and support for your compliance obligations 
  • Long-term improvement of the conditions of your buildings supports staff physical and mental wellbeing 
  • Elevate your organisation’s reputation through your contribution to achieving net-zero, positive environmental change and investment in future generations 
  • The adoption of sustainable behaviours and positive organisational values contribute to the mental wellbeing of staff. 

How TEAM can help

With over 35 years helping organisation’s build successful energy management strategies our team of energy specialists, as registered EnCO (Energy Conscious Organisation) consultants, will help you embed sustainable thinking throughout your organisation and future proof your energy efficiency. 

We can help you to: 

  • Build campaigns to engage and motivate the wider organisation to support positive sustainability 
  • Create a successful, step by step movement of sustainable behaviour change 
  • Empower your workforce to make a change in your organisation’s commitment to operating sustainably 
  • Improve energy awareness helping you to reduce your organisation’s environmental pollution and meet your carbon emissions targets 
  • Provide your staff with a new skillset that they can embrace in their personal life, contributing to greater impact on the environment 
  • Become an Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO). 

Our behaviour change programmes for sustainable businesses are: 

  • Delivered by energy experts who understand the challenges of driving down utility consumption and carbon emissions 
  • Suitable for all employees, no previous knowledge or experience is required 
  • Tailored to your organisation’s needs with course material relating to your business 
  • Available to any size organisation and to any numbers of delegates 
  • Can be delivered both in a classroom setting and as an online webinar. 

Energy Sustainability Change Programme 

Implement a complete behaviour change programme that embeds a company-wide culture of sustainability. 

This half-day programme delivers a step by step plan to drive your organisation’s energy awareness strategy. The training can be delivered to a newly established Green Team, your Energy Management team, or Energy Champions across the business. It can also be beneficial to include colleagues from across departments that can help support your new culture of sustainability. 

The course will demonstrate the effect that behaviour change can have on an organisation and guide you through a plan of action to develop a best practice energy policy, build a communication campaign, and engage with the senior team and key stakeholders to ensure top-level buy-in. 

With this change programme you will be able to: 

  • Create and deliver an energy behaviour change programme 
  • Launch a formal strategy with goals through a communications plan 
  • Deliver tailored energy behaviour change workshops throughout your organisation 
  • Create an energy roles and responsibilities structure 
  • Embed sustainable thinking throughout the organisation
  • Report and measure against the goals set out in the strategy. 

Energy Behaviour Change Workshop 

Engaging your staff to make a positive impact on organisational sustainability. 

This half-day customised workshop is suitable for all your employees. It can be delivered either in a classroom or as an online session. The course will introduce the impact of energy use in the workplace, what sustainability means to individuals and businesses, how it is perceived by your customers and investors, and how employees can all play an important part in sustainable practices leading to your organisation’s positive impact on the environment and reduction in costs. 

Delegates taking part in this training course will be able to make their own sustainability pledge. 

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