Carbon Auditing – Understand your Scope Emissions Data

Understand your emissions data with a carbon audit.

To help you plan long-term strategies for becoming sustainable, it is important to have a detailed understanding of the emissions your organisation produces.

Our carbon audit service will analyse the emissions of your business’ operations, giving you a greater understanding of your impact on the planet and how you can reduce them.

Our expert carbon auditors will compile data on each of your Scope emissions to allow you to understand the different areas emitting Greenhouse Gas emissions. Focusing on both operational (Scopes 1 and 2) and supply chain emissions (Scope 3). With a carbon audit of your operations, our team will benchmark and monitor your data, calculating the overall emissions created by your business. They will help you identify areas to reduce your carbon footprint and which can be offset. Allowing you to create a tailored strategy for meeting your carbon reduction goals.

This data can be valuable in driving stakeholder engagement and gaining support for the delivery of your net zero plans.

How TEAM can help

Once you have an understanding of the carbon emissions your organisation produces, you can take the next steps in reducing your emissions. Our decarbonisation services will define, shape and monitor a carbon emissions strategy designed around your operational needs and challenges.

Our Carbon Reduction Consultants will support your organisation in building out a strategy with achievable carbon reduction targets to help you meet and sustain your goals.

We understand that there is no one sized fits all approach when it comes to reducing an organisation’s carbon emissions. Having a carbon audit and assessment will help you take that first, crucial step in understanding your business emissions and identifying how to reduce them.

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What are the benefits of a carbon audit?

  • Gain a complete understanding of your organisation’s carbon emissions
  • Understanding which emissions can be reduced and which can be offset by investing in carbon offsetting schemes
  • With a complete view your carbon emissions, create a tailored strategy for achieving your carbon reduction goals
  • With fully auditable data, you can ensure your reporting is in line with acceptable industry practices and regulatory requirements
  • Make operational cost savings and reduce your energy bills through understanding your energy use
  • Differentiate your organisation from competitors by demonstrating best practice in carbon reduction and energy efficiency
  • Demonstrate improved performance year on year by establishing ongoing monitoring of GHG emissions
  • Build your organisation into a leader of sustainability, and become a more attractive investment to customers, stakeholders, and future employee talent
  • Fulfil your customers’ requirements in proving your sustainability credentials
  • Elevate your organisation’s reputation through your contribution to achieving zero carbon emissions, positive environmental change and investment in future generations
  • Contribute to reducing environmental pollution, supporting the UK Government’s Net Zero 2050 target.

Meet our carbon audit experts

Our in-house, professional, energy consultants are the independent experts behind our carbon auditing service. Each consultant has the breadth of skills, across departmental expertise and sector experience to support you in understanding your carbon emissions and how to reduce them.

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Reducing Supply Chain Emissions – Scope 3 Carbon Audits

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