Display Energy Certificate (DECs)

Display Energy Certificate (DECs)

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Who needs a Display Energy Certificate?

Buildings accessed by the public, that receive funding from the public sector, with a floor area of 250 m2 or above are likely to require a valid Display Energy Certificate (DEC) to be in place.

A DEC must be accompanied by a valid Recommendation Report which contains recommendations for improved energy efficiency and energy performance of the building. There are slight variances on the requirements depending on the size of the buildings, as detailed below.

Buildings Over 1000 m2

  • The DEC is valid for one year and must be renewed annually.
  • The Recommendation Report is valid for seven years.

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Buildings Under 1000 m2
  • The DEC and Recommendation Report are both valid for a ten-year period.

What are the penalties for not having a Display Energy Certificate (DEC)?

To comply with the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations, valid Display Energy Certificates must be displayed in a prominent location, and the Recommendation Report be available to review upon request. Organisations failing to adhere face a fine of £1,500.

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"I’ve had contacts with various other companies offering this service and they have all made it far too complicated. It was so easy with TEAM."
Alison Dalal
Practice Manager, Dr Purssell and Partners Paddington Green Health Centre

How is a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) calculated?

A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is calculated by assessing the actual energy consumption of a building over a year. This assessment includes various fuel types, electricity, and district heating and cooling.

Our accredited assessors can provide you with an efficient and cost-effective service to produce DECs for all your applicable buildings. Our service includes the following:

  • Assess your estate and confirm which buildings fall under the directive.
  • Work with you to collate all required information and data needed for assessment
  • Provision of electronic copy of the DEC and Recommendation Report, upon request an A3 laminated copy of the DEC sent direct to site for display is also available.
  • Submission of all documents to the governments central register.

DECs show the energy performance of a building by using an A-G rating system and how the building is performing, compared to the previous two DECs issued.

Benefits of TEAM’s DEC service

Our team of CIBSE accredited low carbon energy consultants and Elmhurst accredited energy assessors can:

  • Assist implementing energy saving projects that are highlighted in the Recommendation Report
  • Provide bespoke advice around cutting energy costs and carbon emissions in your building
  • Give you guidance to improve your future DEC ratings

TEAM customers include; Schools, Historic Buildings, Museums, NHS Trusts, Universities, Emergency Services and Local Authorities.

How long does a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) last?

  • For buildings with a total useful floor area over 1,000 square meters, a DEC remains valid for 12 months.
  • When the total useful floor area falls between 250 square meters and 1,000 square meters, the DEC remains valid for a longer duration—10 years. Alongside the DEC, a Recommendation Report is also valid for the same period.

Do all public buildings need a Display Energy Certificate (DEC)?

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are mandatory for most public buildings that meet certain criteria. These certificates are required for buildings with a total useful floor area greater than 250 square meters and are frequently visited by the public. However, there are some exceptions, such as places of worship, temporary buildings, and buildings scheduled for demolition.

DECs act as a guide to let members of the public and building users know how energy efficient a public building is. They also highlight cost-effective ways to achieve a better rating. 

If you have ever wondered what information is available within a DEC this helpful guide will explain what each component means. 

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Our in-house, experienced, DEC assessors will ensure your DEC certificate is valid and accompanied by a Recommendation Report so you can improve the energy efficiency and performance of your building. 

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