Energy Consultants

Energy Consultants

Independant experts delivering a suite of carbon and energy management services

Our consultancy team

Our in-house, professional, energy consultancy team are the independent experts behind our suite of energy management services. Each consultant has the breadth of skills, cross departmental expertise and sector experience to support your energy and sustainability needs. They offer a variety of professional energy services designed to help you get the most out of energy schemes and initiatives. If you would like to discuss how our consultants can help your organisation, contact us today.

Timothy Holman, Head of Consultancy

MEng, Msc, CEng, MEI, EnCO Consultant

Timothy is responsible for leading our energy consultancy department. He has over 25 years’ energy management experience with professional expertise in energy strategy, policy, audits, metering, M&T, incentive schemes, and compliance.

Timothy Holman, Head of Operations, TEAM

Greg Armstrong, Principal Consultant


As Principal Consultant, Greg is responsible for the strategy, methodology, business process design and Implementation of our energy services. With over 18 years’ working in the energy sector, Greg has a wealth of experience in process improvement, leadership and change management.

Ben Fisher, Data Analyst

BA (Hons)

An experienced data analyst, Ben is knowledgeable in using critical thinking to understand and break down problems, evaluate solutions and support organisations in making decisions to best support their net zero and carbon reduction strategy.

Blessing Amin, Energy Consultant

BA (Hons) DipDEC, DEC Assessor

Blessing is an experienced Commercial Energy Assessor for Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Recommendation Reports, and Levels 3 and 4 Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). His expertise also includes energy efficiency and cost saving opportunities.

Casey Streat, Energy Consultant

BSc (Hons)

Casey is passionate about driving the race to net zero and supporting organisations in achieving their carbon reduction goals. With  extensive compliance service experience, Casey will help deliver our customers certification requirements including Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and energy audits.

Giles Davis

Giles Davies, Energy Consultant

DipOR(QCF), PBEA, DEC Assessor

Giles is an experienced Energy Assessor for Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Recommendation Reports. His expertise covers Energy Legislation and Compliance support, Energy and Carbon Management Software, and Site Energy Surveys.

Georgina Wisby, Energy Consultant

BSc (Hons), MSc, ESOS Lead Assessor

Georgina is a highly experienced energy consultant with expertise in data analysis, carbon emissions and consumption reporting. She works closely with customers to ensure their energy certificate compliance and deliver Display Energy Certificates (DECs), ESOS site surveys and energy audits.

Helder Galrinho, Senior Energy Consultant

MSc, CEng, MAEE, CMVP, EUR-ING, EnCO Consultant

Helder is one of our Senior Energy Consultant and Capacity Market expert. His experience includes Measurement and Verification (M&V), Independent Technical reports, energy audits and surveys, and RHI consultancy.

Louise Della Mura, Energy Consultant

BA (Hons)

Louise’s expertise includes supporting customers with their Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), managing and delivering organisations’ Display Energy Certificates (DEC), and working with businesses to implement energy efficiency measures, helping customers to reduce their energy bills.

Natalia Block, Analytics Consultant

Natalia Block, Analytics Consultant

BSc (Hons)

Natalia is a dedicated sustainability professional with expertise in project management, carbon accounting, waste management, and sustainability communications. She provides a wide range of data analytics and research to support the delivery of Energy Management and Consultancy services.

Nora Szigethi, Data Analyst

BSc (Hons)

As Energy Services Analyst, Nora will prepare data and provide analysis and insights to support our customers’ energy and carbon management.

Nora Szigethi, Data Analyst, TEAM Energy

Richard Quigley, Energy Consultant

Cert HE (Eng) TMInstR

With over 20 years in the HVAC and facilities industry, Richard is a knowledgeable and highly trained Energy Consultant.

Sam Arje, Senior Energy Consultant

BSc (Hons), Approved EnCO Practitioner, ESOS Lead Assessor

Sam is an award-winning Energy Manager with experience of implementing energy projects. As our Senior Energy Consultant, Sam’s primary responsibility will be to lead strategically on the development of our consultancy portfolio as well as provide a range of energy management services.


Silas Anthony, Energy Consultant

DipACI, DEC Assessor

Silas is an experienced energy assessor and who supports the delivery of all our consultancy products and services to a wide range of clients including Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), Display Energy Certificates (DEC), and Site Energy Audits and Surveys. 

Sophie Legg, Data Analyst

BSc (Hons), MSc

As an Energy Services Analyst, Sophie supports our customers with their energy and carbon management. She works with organisations to understand their carbon data and drive carbon reduction initiatives as part of their net zero strategy. 

Tom Mcleish, Energy Consultant

BSc (Hons), EnCO Consultant, ESOS Lead Assessor

A CIBSE certified Low Carbon Consultant and Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Assessor, Tom is experienced in providing energy efficiency and saving recommendations to organisations across multiple sectors.

Tracy Moore, Energy Services Delivery Manager

BA (Hons)

Tracy is an experienced project manager with expertise in business strategy, planning and customer service.

As principal contact and account manager for customers, Tracy will coordinate the project delivery plan for the portfolio of energy consultancy services.

William Langdon, Data Analyst, TEAM Energy

William Langdon, Data Analyst

BA (Hons)

An experienced data analyst, William conducts thorough research, building accurate insights to support organisations in making decisions to best support their net zero and carbon reduction strategy.

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