Commercial Energy Audits and Surveys

Organisations looking to optimise their energy and water use can benefit from an Energy Audit and Survey report. Our experienced consultants can identify wastage, and recommend opportunities for improvement to help you achieve energy and water efficiencies, reduce your carbon emissions and make cost savings. 

Our comprehensive service includes a site survey to identify energy saving opportunities which are then delivered to you as an energy audit report with valuable consumption insights, and recommendations with simple payback calculations for short and long term solutions. They can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, including your entire building portfolio or selected sites. 

We can also provide commercial energy audits of industrial processes and manufacturing equipment if required. 

Our energy survey methodology follows the ISO50002:2014 International Standard, so you can be assured that our survey process is thorough and robust. 

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All types of organisations, sectors and buildings can benefit from energy surveys and audits. 

Having an energy survey carried out by professional energy consultants will highlight all the ways your company may be wasting energy. The results of an audit will guide you on how to take action to reduce your energy consumption and make financial and operational savings, and inform your energy management strategy. 

Organisations looking to adopt new and renewable technologies, but don’t know where to start can also benefit from an energy survey. We will assess where renewable energy technologies or subsidy schemes could be utilised, with simple payback calculations provided. 

A professional energy audit will highlight where your organisation can make energy and water efficiencies, save on utility costs and reduce your carbon emissions, as well as: 

  • Better understand your building’s energy performance 
  • Identify where energy and water efficiency savings can be made 
  • Gain valuable insights to support your energy management strategy 
  • Demonstrate improved performance and improve your building’s value through adopting survey recommendations 
  • Operational cost-savings through increasing awareness of energy use and efficiency 
  • Reduce your carbon emissions to achieve your sustainability goals 
  • Improved building controls and automation 
  • Contribute to reducing environmental pollution 
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs for buildings, associated services, and equipment, prolonging reliability and lifespan of assets 
  • Improved profit margins by cutting energy costs and reducing overhead expenditure 
  • Contribute to a business case for innovative and technological system upgrades 
  • Differentiate from competitors by demonstrating energy savings and efficiency 
  • Valuable energy consumption data insights for enhanced reporting and stakeholder engagement 

How TEAM can help

We are experts in data, energy and surveys and can identify areas for energy efficiency across your organisation’s estate. Our comprehensive service will: 

  • Help you fully understand how an energy survey can benefit your organisation and energy management strategy 
  • Review your portfolio to determine the number of energy surveys required 
  • Walk-though buildings site survey to assess your energy and water infrastructure 
  • Analyse your energy and water data and performance to help focus your energy management efforts effectively 
  • Enhance your energy saving credentials and reduce consumption 
  • Provide a comprehensive Building commercial Energy Audit Report including detailed recommendations, energy data and analysis profiles, and benchmarking 
  • Optimisation recommendations to improve your organisations energy performance with associated cost estimates and simple payback calculations 
  • Independent consideration to renewable and alternative technologies if appropriate 

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