MOP DC DA Contract Selection

Businesses with high electricity consumption can benefit from appointing their own Meter Operator (MOP) to manage and maintain their meters, as well as a Data Collector (DC) and Data Aggregator (DA) to retrieve and validate their meter data.

Usually your utilities supplier provides these services through their own preferred MOP and DC DA. However, these services can be often be provided at an inflated cost where the real price you are paying is hidden within your electricity unit rate, meaning you could find yourself paying significantly over the odds.

There are many different MOP DC DA companies in the UK, which can make researching and sourcing a new provider time consuming and a challenge. The right contract will help you to better understand your energy data and costs, reduce consumption and save on operational overheads, so it is important to partner with the best supplier to meet your organisation’s needs.

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A Meter Operator (MO or MOP) is an organisation responsible for installing and maintaining electricity and gas meters.

A Data Collector (DC) is responsible for collecting data from meters to determine the amount of electricity supplied so you can be correctly billed.

The Data Aggregator (DA) is appointed by a supplier to carry out the aggregation of metering data received from Data Collectors and to forward the aggregated data to the supplier.

Typically MOP and DC DA services are all provided by the same company, but it is possible for the Data Collector and Data Aggregator contracts to be supplied separately by different providers.

Businesses that have Half-Hourly (HH) metering are required to have a MOP contract in place to manage and maintain their meters. If you do not appoint one yourself your supplier will, which is often provided at an inflated cost.

You can also appoint a provider if you have a P272 or Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters.

Our vendor selection service can benefit organisations looking to have a better understanding of their consumption data and metering portfolio, especially where there may be a lot of meters installed. It can also support with changes in your portfolio, where you may be buying or selling sites, and with problems accessing data from your current electricity or MOP DC DA provider.

  • Better understand your energy consumption through accurate and timely data
  • With greater understanding of your data, reduce your utility overheads
  • Make substantial cost savings from hidden MOP contract charges
  • Have peace of mind that your MOP contract period is fixed
  • We will manage the entire MOP DC DA selection process, saving you valuable resource time
  • Build a relationship with your selected MOP DC DA with contract lengths available from 1-10 years
  • Use the quality data collected to inform your energy management strategy and achieve sustainability goals

With over 30 years’ experience in the utilities sector we have excellent working relationships with metering agents, so can source the best contract for you. As part of our open and transparent service we will:

  • Understand your energy estate, including all fiscal and sub meters
  • Scope the MOP, DC and DA needs of your energy portfolio
  • Source vendors for your MOP and DC and DA contracts
  • Develop the tender and evaluation criteria
  • Initiate and manage the tender bidding process
  • Assess vendors for suitability in meeting your organisation’s meter requirements against a robust scoring criteria
  • Provide clear and transparent vendor options, with no hidden fees
  • Support in providing feedback on tenders
  • Enable you to make the best decision for your organisation

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