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With mounting pressure on organisations to reduce their carbon emissions, and the solutions to do so varying from new technology and innovative digital solutions, to carbon reduction strategy planning and Science-Based Targets, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with knowing where to start and what to do next. 

Despite carbon efficiency and sustainability being complex topics, with new advice and guidance announced regularly, this doesn’t mean your journey to net zero needs to be complicated. Our Net Zero and Carbon Reduction Consultancy services can help you transform the way you view and understand your energy and carbon emissions helping you to achieve your own targets and become a net zero organisation. 

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to setting a net zero strategy, our services can be delivered together as a package or individually. So, wherever you are on your journey to become a carbon neutral business, we have the solutions to help you. 

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How TEAM can help 

Our Net Zero and Carbon Reduction Consultancy services help organisations to define, shape and monitor a carbon emissions strategy designed around their operational needs and challenges. Our experienced carbon reduction consultants work with organisations across a range of industries to create and support the delivery of bespoke carbon reduction and net zero strategy plans. At its core, our services cover four stages: 

Before starting any carbon reduction journey, it is important to understand what within your operations and infrastructure is responsible for your emissions. This can be a challenge, especially for large, multi-site organisations with extensive supply chains – how do you know what to include in your scope? 

As part of our service we will help you to review your existing business operations to define the organisational boundaries, and establish where the responsibility lies for Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions across your operational infrastructure. As part of this assessment, we will typically conduct both buildings and process audits of your operations to gain an understanding of your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. 

Once your scope is established, we will calculate a Greenhouse Gas Footprint and work with you to set a realistic baseline for your operations, taking into consideration anomalies from periods where normal business operations have been affected. 

For each item in Scope 1, 2 and 3 we will select or determine an appropriate methodology from the source data available to calculate the associated carbon emissions. We will also help you establish a data collection framework and methodology to support the ongoing collection of your consumption data for GHG reporting. 

When starting on your carbon reduction strategy, it is important to take into consideration your organisation’s business objectives and if you have any sustainability or net zero based commitments in place already, this will help shape the timeline of your journey. 

We will determine your target ensuring it is appropriate and realistic to your organisation. If required the target can be Science-Based (detailed below) to support your overall carbon emissions aims. This can then be submitted for formal validation by The Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). 

We will then provide final strategy documents which set out specific GHG targets, actions to proceed with to achieve them and a community strategy for engaging stakeholders and relevant parties. 

Monitoring, reporting on and celebrating the success of your carbon reduction achievements is just as important as the journey to get there. So you can continue to see and share your plan’s success, we will provide ongoing GHG reporting against your targets. 

We will conduct a project review on the initiatives implemented from the Carbon Reduction Strategy report, and deliver an annual scope review with suggestions on where to realign your strategy against changes in your organisations structure and business aims. 

Tailored services for your organisation 

Our suite of Net Zero and Carbon Reduction Consultancy services are flexible to support the needs of your organisation. We understand that the journey to net zero will look different for every organisation, which is why we have created a range of services to help you achieve and sustain your carbon reduction goals. 

Our services can be purchased on subscription, providing you with access to all the services to help you reduce your carbon emissions. Alternatively, you may wish to pick and mix the services that best suit where your organisation is on your carbon reduction journey. 

We also offer ongoing customised support through our dedicated carbon consultants. 

Science-Based Targets Initiative 

Your carbon reduction targets will represent different milestones on your journey and will be both specific numerical reduction targets and action-based targets. So, whether your organisation has already got a carbon reduction target in mind or if you’re not sure where to start, we can help you understand and set suitable and achievable targets for your organisation. 

You may choose to focus on Science-Based Targets, which are developed using models that calculate the level of carbon reduction an organisation needs to achieve to do its part to reduce global emissions. Alternatively, you can choose to use both your own goals and Science-Based Targets depending on what is best for your organisation. 

As with a Carbon Reduction Strategy plan, the Science-Based Targets service includes establishing a scope, setting a baseline, determining your targets and tracking the success of your plan. To ensure its success we will conduct a financial appraisal of potential opportunities to assess their affordability, define how the targets will be measured and provide an overview of the potential challenges of those options. 

What are the key opportunities? 

  • Better understand your organisation’s carbon emissions 
  • Create a carbon reduction plan and set targets to reduce your organisation’s emissions 
  • Have a bespoke plan designed to achieve your organisation’s net zero, Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals 
  • Ensure your reporting is in line with acceptable industry practices and regulatory requirements 
  • Make operational cost-savings through increasing awareness of energy use and efficiency 
  • Differentiate your organisations from competitors by demonstrating best practice in carbon reduction and energy efficiency 
  • Demonstrate improved performance year on year by establishing ongoing monitoring of carbon emissions 
  • Build your organisation into a leader of sustainability, and become a more attractive investment to customers, stakeholders, and future employee talent 
  • Increased company-wide understanding, knowledge, and support for your carbon reduction journey 
  • Fulfil your customers’ requirements in proving your sustainability credentials 
  • Elevate your organisation’s reputation through your contribution to achieving net zero, positive environmental change and investment in future generations 
  • Meet institutional investment requirements 
  • Meet investor conditions for green finance loans 
  • Contribute to reducing environmental pollution, supporting the UK Government’s Net Zero 2050 target 
  • To support or comply with your organisation’s tender bids requirements 

Supporting services

To help you get the most out of your carbon reduction plan, we offer a number of services designed to support the different stages. Select any of the services below to find out more. 

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