COVID-19 Policy

Returning to the office after lockdown

For 35 years our mission has been to work alongside our customers to help them build a successful and optimised energy management service. As a business, we pride ourselves on the level of service and support we deliver and strive to maintain.

To ensure the delivery of all our services and solutions, across our suite of Software, energy Bureau and Energy Services, we have completed extensive COVID-19 business resilience and continuity planning. This has enabled us to successfully move our operations to remote home working, allowing us to continue to support our customers safely.

In line with Government guidance, we have taken steps to risk assess and develop policy that details the procedure for returning to the workplace safely during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Returning to the Office after Lockdown in respect of COVID-19 policy is observed by EDW Technology Holdings Limited, and subsidiary companies: EDW Technology Limited and TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.). This policy covers the details for returning to the workplace and working safely during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) following the period of lockdown which commenced from 23rd March 2020. It has been drawn up in conjunction with the Company Risk Assessment for COVID-19.

The full policy can be accessed here.