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5 June 2020

Headlines Most power and gas contracts rose this week, driven higher by a recovery in their respective day-ahead contracts. Day-ahead gas rose 27.7% to 8.75p/th as gas-for-power demand recovered from the low levels seen late last week. Day-ahead power rose 11.6% to £24.00/MWh, following a significant drop in wind generation compared to the end of

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Ofgem launches new Switching Programme to improve the way consumers change energy suppliers

To support customers with this industry change, EDW Technology has launched a new solution to automate the switching process. What is the Switching Programme?­ Ofgem’s Switching Programme, launched to the energy industry on 18 July 2022, provides a faster and more reliable way for businesses and consumers to switch energy suppliers. Ofgem has introduced a

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15 July 2022

Headlines Wholesale power contracts experienced mixed price movements this week, whereas all tracked gas contracts registered week-on-week price losses. Subsequently, day-ahead gas fell 8.3% to 203.50p/th, following periods of system oversupply amid stronger UKCS production – coupled with anticipated lower demand into the weeks end, driven by the forecast heatwave in the UK. Conversely, day-ahead

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8 July 2022

Headlines Wholesale gas and power contracts shared collective price rises across all tracked contracts this week. Day-ahead gas rose 38.8% to 222.00p/th, following softer LNG-sendout due to maintenance at Dragon terminal, coupled with the threat of oil and gas strike action in Norway at the week’s start, in addition to select periods of outages across

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1 July 2022

Headlines Wholesale gas and power contracts registered gains compared to the previous week, though with some outliers against this trend. Day-ahead gas represented one of small number of contracts which saw prices retreat week-on-week, subsequently falling 5.9% to 160.00p/th, following periods of stronger Norwegian flows into GB, coupled with higher LNG-send out. Conversely, day-ahead power

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New Delivery Manager to endorse the quality of our Consultancy service

Customer focused project management professional appointed to support the delivery of our high quality energy services. Committed to supporting organisations with services to help them achieve their net zero ambitions, we have appointed Tracy Moore to drive project planning and service delivery for our consultancy services. With expertise in project and change management, process improvement,

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24 June 2022

Headlines This week has seen mixed movements across gas and power wholesale contracts, but with day-ahead markets enjoying price growth in the week on the back of some bullish market fundamentals at play. Subsequently, day-ahead gas rose 17.2% to 170.00p/th, helped by periods of increased gas-for-power demand at the week’s start and maintenance works at

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17 June 2022

Headlines This week favoured an overwhelmingly bullish outcome for gas and power prices, both in the near-term and further along the forward curve – underpinned by the uncertatinty surrounding future energy imports into European energy markets from Russia. Day-ahead gas rose 81.3% to 145.00p/th, buoyed by system undersupply as multiple outages at Norwegian gas fields

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Air conditioning and climate change: The elephant in the room?

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that around two thirds of the world’s households could have an air conditioning unit by 2050. As climate change continues to affect the planet and we experience increasingly extreme weather and hotter summers, the demand on air conditioning systems to provide some much needed relief from the heat is

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10 June 2022

Headlines This week largely represented more bearish sentiment for wholesale gas and power contracts in GB, with some exceptions further along the forward curve. Subsequently, day-ahead gas fell 39.8% to 80.00p/th, weighed by elevated temperatures across the UK, coupled with higher Norwegian flows as maintenance works at Troll and Kollsnes gas fields ease. Day-ahead power

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