7 Reasons to sign up to the TEAM Support Portal

Our customers receive complimentary access to the TEAM Support Portal. We first introduced the portal in 2013 to offer our customers the opportunity to find everything they need in one, online, secure place. The Support Portal facilitates discussion among TEAM customer and staff, and provides a great number of resources to support them with the use of our energy and carbon management software.

1. Receive email alerts

Be the first to find out about announcements and forum updates from TEAM and other customers. You can choose to subscribe to receive emails about specific topics directly to your email inbox. Whether it is general announcements, event presentations or a specific piece of software you are interested in, you choose what you will receive. You can also unsubscribe at any time with one click.

2. Submit your request

The Support Portal is a direct route for our customers to request assistance from the Support helpdesk. The Support Portal offers the opportunity to take a screenshot, attach a file, or even record a short screencast (video) to help explain the scenario. Users can also check the progress of their existing requests. There is also the potential to see other requests raised by your colleagues (depending on your organisation’s agreed permissions settings).

3. Check out hints and tips

Sigma Tips and Guidance is available to any of our Support Portal users. Our Support Engineers upload information, as well as answering questions from our customers who can post a comment if they would like to know more. Customers can also upload and share their own tips and guidance for the benefit of other users.

 4. Find free training materials and webinars

We record our webinars giving our busy customers the opportunity to log-in and view them via the Support Portal at a time to suit on-demand. We currently have 10 webinar recordings available online, which are hosted by our Support Engineers and Energy Services Experts. The webinars have been created with different user levels of the software in mind, from new users to those needing a refresher, or to introduce new functions and features within the software.

5. Be the first to know about TEAM News and Events

Information on all TEAM training, news, events and workshops can be found in the Support Portal. Log-in to find out about legislation updates, Regional Support Groups, User Group Conference, software training workshops and more. To attend any of these register for your place online on the Support portal.

6. Submit your Feature Requests

Tell us what you’d like to see. Is there something you think would enhance the software or make your life easier? Submit a feature request with your suggestion. You can also vote for existing feature requests made by other customers. Take a look and see if there are any ideas you think would work for you and your organisation.

7. Get your hands on the latest downloads

All the latest software downloads are available in this forum. As with the other forum sections, customers can subscribe to receive an email as soon as the download is made available in the Support Portal. This also includes degree day data.

TEAM customers can sign up to the Support Portal by simply requesting a login on the homepage. To join us TEAM Support Portal.

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