Air Conditioning Inspection Reports

What is an Air Conditioning Inspection Report?

If you have an Air Conditioning System with a cooling capacity of 12kW or more in your building, you are required to have a valid Air Conditioning Inspection Report (ACIR) and a certificate in place.

An inspection of the system should take place every five years and there are financial penalties for non-compliance.

TEAM Energy offers Air Conditioning Inspection reports compliant with the TM44 guidelines.

Why do I need an Air Conditioning report?

  • ACIR is a legal requirement under the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) to ensure that air conditioning inspections are carried out every 5 years and they are conducted by qualified and accredited air-conditioning inspectors.
  • It is mandatory for all companies operating an ISO14001 certified management system.
  • Buildings with an air conditioning system over 12kW must have a valid ACIR.
  • The recommendations part of the report can save money by reducing energy consumption and maintenance cost.
  • ACIR can enhance your company green credentials.

Penalties for not having an Air Conditioning Inspection

If you do not get your air conditioning inspected every five years, you will be fined a minimum of £300.

There will be a further £200 fine every time you fail to provide a copy of the report to an enforcement authority such as a Trading Standard Officer (TSO) within seven days.

What are the benefits?

Not only is it compulsory but having a valid TM44 certificate will help identify improvements to the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system that could save you up to 20%.

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