Carbon Reduction Commitment Best Practice Tips

Henry Dougherty
Energy Consultant

We are now more than half-way through this year, and in order to avoid any panic for the 2012/13 report which is due next year, it would be a good idea to start checking the quality of the data and the quantity of the data for all of the supply points which are actually relevant to the carbon reduction commitment.
So, if you have a Carbon Reduction Commitment round from the previous year you should think about carrying it forward and checking the quality of the data now. And indeed monitoring that data month by month to ensure that you are actually collecting it and that its indeed good quality in Sigma.

The other priority is actually to update your evidence pack in preparation for a future visit by an Environmental Agency external auditor. It would certainly be good practice to actually formally update the evidence pack, particularly now that we have completed the 11/12 submission. And actually update it for that information, and then record any changes that have arisen since July 31st this year. So, for example, if you have taken on, or disposed of buildings, if you have taken on or disposed of supply points then you need to make appropriate amends for this particular CRC year.

Although the Government has promised a simplification of the CRC system and reporting requirements, and the report is due by the end of this year, it is possible that it will not make any significant changes for the next year or two. However, we will summarise, advise and let you know of any significant changes. In particular, if there are any changes required to the software then we will make those changes in good time for the 12/13 annual report.

The main question is actually keeping up with the data and preparing for the evidence pack. In practice, clients who actually carry out an internal audit, perhaps by an internal audit department completely separate from the Energy & Carbon Department should actually produce an internal audit report, and indeed lodge that as a part of their evidence pack. That will prove to show some very good lessons, and be very, very useful in preparation for a visit by and external auditor. It’s definitely worth doing now. Good luck.

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