Display Energy Certificates – who is affected?

Last year was another busy year for the Energy Services team, delivering over 750 Display Energy Certificates (DECs) to our clients.

Our client base is extensive and reflects the expertise the department has in delivering the certificates to different sectors, with clients including hospitals, universities, schools, museums, local and central government buildings and leisure centres.

From small village schools with a single boiler, to large university campuses and hospital sites running a district heating system. New buildings running the latest energy efficient and renewable technologies, to historic grade 1/UNESCO protected buildings of national interest.

We issue DECs to clients nationwide, from Cumbria and Sunderland in the North and Dorset in the South. Penzance and Cardiff in the West to Norfolk in the East.

Is your building compliant?

Display Energy Certificates and Recommendation Reports (RR) are legally required under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, for all public buildings, that are frequented by the public with a floor area over 250m2.

This includes all state-funded schools and academies, and buildings that receive central or local government funding, including universities and buildings that might be run by a third-party contractor like a leisure centre.

A building under 1000m2 will require to have their DEC and RR issued every ten years and a building over 1000m2 will require their DEC to be renewed annually and the RR every seven years.

The DEC will show how the building concerned is performing from an energy stand point, compared to the benchmark national average for a building of the same. While the RR makes recommendations on making improvements to the building and energy management techniques to reduce energy further.

How can we help?

TEAM Energy can assist in making all your buildings compliant with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, with our in-house accredited assessors, including for Energy Performance Certificates and Air Conditioning Inspections.

About Giles Davies

Giles Davies is a Public Buildings Energy Assessor (PBEA) issuing Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Recommendation Reports for councils and other public organisations such as the NHS and universities.

Giles Davies also carries out Site Surveys for the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and other energy auditing projects.

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