Energy Management just got simpler with the Sigma Energy Viewer

TEAM is pleased to announce the development of our new Sigma Energy Viewer. Having listened to customer feedback and needs, we identified an area whereby we could provide an enhanced user experience.

The Sigma Energy Viewer has been designed as a streamlined way to access data from your Sigma Energy Management Software. Similar to the existing Sigma, all of the data that you can access is straight from your existing database managed in the Energy Bureau service, or by our Sigma software users.
This system will allow users access to perform three key tasks:

  • View your energy bills
  • Run key reports on the data
  • Provide the ability to submit meter readings to your Bureau service team or Sigma Software

With the Sigma Energy Viewer we have redesigned the look of the software with a focus on ease of use. Where Sigma gives great levels of access to the data and key energy management tools, the Sigma Energy Viewer is designed to give quick and easy access to the same data, while limiting the amount of training requirements to use the package.

We have engaged with our existing client base – finding out what their key requirements would be and assessing who would benefit most from this type of streamlined system. As a result we have ensured that the user will find the software provides large buttons, limited options and quick routes to their required activity. As an example, when a user logs in they will find all they have to do is select from the following screen:

We have focused our efforts upon the end user who does not need to go into in depth energy management. We are not looking to replace the tools available for this – Sigma will still be available for the user who wants more options. The Sigma Energy Viewer is providing a concise way of getting to the same data.

We have looked at who would use this – School Secretaries, Caretakers, Bursars; Accountants;  busy Energy Managers, busy Facility Managers. All of these users are likely to want quick access with minimal training to be able to access their energy data. This has been a key focus throughout the development phase, during which we have had constant engagement with a number of our customers who have been kind enough to test and feedback. This has been met in a positive light with some really good suggestions coming back and being fed into the development of the product. A sample of the commentary from customers:

“I thought the system was very easy to navigate – it was clear and logical with minimum fuss to the user”
Facilities Manager at a Council

“Very good and user friendly”
Energy Manager at a Council

“Very easy to use – especially for a non- technical person like myself!”
Business Manager of a school

We have gathered user feedback and ensured that where we can utilise a suggestion to enhance the user experience, we have done so. Through making it intuitive and user friendly, we are aiming to make the sharing of energy data even easier for our customers. We know that our customers have end users themselves (site managers, facility managers, schools, leisure centres etc.) – the easier we can make data access, the better we feel we are doing our job.
On a final note, the Sigma Energy Viewer will be available for all Energy Bureau customers. This is an addition to the existing software solutions that we offer. As the software is web based (the same as our existing Sigma program) there is no need to install or download any software. We are aiming to make this as accessible as possible, so that you can make your energy information as accessible as possible.

We would like to thank those customers that have given their time to providing valuable suggestions and feedback which have helped us ensure we provide the most accessible product possible.

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