How energy surveys and data validation can help your business

Energy surveys and data validation can both have a positive effect on managing your energy usage as well as your budget. These can be completed as a one off, or as part of a regular programme, depending on your objectives.

An energy survey alone can identify existing and potential issues relating to energy usage. A survey on one site can be used as a benchmark for energy savings over multiple sites and can provide quick wins for your business.

Energy Surveys

Energy surveys can be tailored to your needs ranging from a basic report with recommendations from short to long term, as found in a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Recommendations Report. A more in-depth analysis will include bespoke suggestions for each site visited by a fully qualified assessor or consultant who can advise how best to reach your goals; whether it is cost saving, carbon reduction or anything else. There may be potential for renewable energy, such as installing Biomass boilers which could be registered for Government incentive payments for every kWh generated, providing sustainable energy and financial benefit.

Data Validation

A data validation service including invoice validation can eliminate errors made by suppliers. Using benchmarks defined by the type of building ensure data quality is maintained; and typically recovers more from billing errors than the cost of the service. It also encourages a hands-on approach such as taking meter readings to ensure accurate billing. We liaise with utility suppliers on behalf of our customers to ensure the smooth running and accuracy of charges across multiple accounts and sites. Each of our customers receive a regular report providing a comprehensive overview of the service.


When data validation and energy surveys are combined, far more opportunities to manage your energy in an effective way become available. Long term savings are easier to recognise which is highly beneficial to your organisation. Understanding the energy usage pattern is vital to getting the most out of a site visit. When combined with good quality, complete data it can make potential issues and energy saving areas much easier to identify. This provides better value for money for surveys and data validation.

A survey can identify areas of concern and data validation can ensure that any recurrence of issues can be quickly addressed and reversed. If your portfolio comprises multiple buildings, it provides a level playing field to identify any discrepancies for immediate action with measures put in place for prevention across all sites.

We can help your business make considerable savings. For more information about the various services we offer, call us on 01908 690018.

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