Our advice for maximising your new year energy planning

The new year always feels like an opportunity for a new beginning, but this January is particularly bountiful for many in providing space for change and progress for those working in energy management.

A number of key legislative requirements have finished – the ESOS Phase 2 deadline has passed and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme has completed its last round of reporting. While those schemes have served to highlight key elements of successful carbon and energy management – regular monitoring and auditing – this reduction in compliance work leaves room for some real action to take place.

Any organisation that has taken part in either CRC or ESOS or does regular monitoring of energy use, already has a wealth of information from which to initiate action on reducing energy use. Most energy professionals are fully familiar with the process for implementing energy management projects, but so often are held back through lack of time or resource.

So, if you have been released from legislative duties and have the gift of time, you can get back to the genuine work of an Energy Manager – and what better time of year to get planning.
In case you need a reminder, the following steps are an example of the kind of process that could be instigated:

  • Prioritise
    Highlight any buildings with particularly high energy use, particularly those that are high in comparison to typical consumption in buildings of a similar kind.
  • Survey
    Get out to those buildings (again) and identify where the wastage is occurring.
  • Plan
    Create a plan for potential projects and investments that could save energy and money throughout your sites.
  • Pitch
    Sell your ideas to whoever you need to convince to get the investment and backing to move forward.
  • Set a target
    Set a meaningful and ambitious target and get started!

If you would like help implementing your energy management projects or advice to realise the benefits of the energy-saving measures that feature in your Recommendation Reports, call us on 01908 69001.

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