Sigma Spotlight – Trend Analysis and Exception Reporting

Our last Sigma roadmap release delivered a suite of data monitoring tools that gave energy professionals confidence that their energy data is accurate, complete, consistent and timely.

Assurance in having high quality data is one thing and our latest roadmap release means the available data works that little bit harder. Identifying and tracking unusual patterns of consumption data with these new tools helps users to build insights, resolve issues and future proof an effective energy management strategy for their organisation.

Efficient trend analysis and exception reporting incorporates:

Email alerting

For each data monitoring strategy that has been enabled with Sigma, the system will notify users of any data issues via email. There is no limit to email contacts to receive these alerts and there is an option to send details of applicable notifications to relevant site contacts; giving extra precision to identifying and resolving the issues. The options for the alerting frequency can be configured by day, week or month.

Flexible contextualisation

Defining which periodic channels your monitoring strategy should run for in Sigma helps to ensure that the strategies continue working as your energy estate evolves; even when there are changes to the utility assets. Sigma’s dynamic new feature means that monitoring strategies can have a “context” of either:

  • Fixed – assigning specific channels to a strategy. This ensures that the strategy doesn’t draw from new periodic channels (unless they are specifically assigned)
  • Flexible – configuring the attributes of the channel when the strategy is set up, for example: run for all channels; run for channels of a certain commodity type. Flexible context gives assurance that monitoring strategies run for the assets as they evolve, or new assets are added – meaning the strategy remains dynamic.
Trend analysis

Being able to identify potential problems with utility usage is critical to help manage energy effectively and proactively. To be notified of suspicious or erroneous utility usage without trawling through data or reports helps detect any avoidable waste quickly. This leaves energy professionals to focus on fixing issues rather than spend time finding them. Any amount of strategies can be set up for your estate with Sigma’s data monitoring: periodic data can be validated against the rules set out in your strategies and when it falls outside of those rules, alerts are triggered.
Checks are entirely configurable and can be tailored to business needs – they support two core profiling functions:

Dynamic – checks the most recent performance against a previous time period which helps to identify step changes in trends: spikes and drops  
Fixed – supporting a more sensitive analysis to monitor performance against very specific thresholds (i.e. baseloads). Where the data falls outside of these high or low thresholds, then an exception will be raised.

Completing the Data Monitoring framework, Sigma’s enhanced consumption Trend Analysis and Exception Alerting leads energy management professionals to accelerate corrective and preventative action. Sigma puts data at the heart of energy management and these latest software developments help organisations run effective monitoring and targeting for maximised savings.
Our next solution release will deliver greater data transparency in energy estate management. You can read about our future releases in our product roadmap.
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