Top 10 Energy Saving Tips for the Winter

At this time of year, we all revisit the heating controls and turn on the lights earlier at home. It’s not so straightforward for businesses; with numerous people occupying the premises and large, complicated heating and cooling systems.

So, if you’re responsible for the energy management in your building and the comfort of your organisation’s employees, we’ve compiled 10 quick fixes to help boost energy efficiency.

1. Have the settings on your heating system been updated or checked recently?

It might be time to reacquaint yourself with the temperature and time settings: are they still suitable for your building’s operating hours and the amount of people in the building? If these settings are controlled by a building management system, talk to whoever manages this.

2. Have you switched off your air conditioning units?

Make sure all air conditioning units are switched off once the heating season begins, otherwise you will have two systems fighting against each other in a bid to waste the most energy!

3. Get your boiler and heating system serviced regularly

Has your boiler and heating system been serviced in the last year? A regular service is essential to ensure safety and efficiency.

4. Clean your windows

Are your windows cleaned regularly? As the days become shorter it’s important to maximise natural light wherever possible so that artificial lights are only switched on when necessary.

5. Replace light bulbs

Walk round and note any flickering or dead lamps that need replacing. Flickering florescent bulbs use more energy so it’s important to get these replaced as soon as possible.

6. Light sensor controls

If you have sensors to control your lighting, make sure any controls are checked regularly and remind staff to report when sensors are not working.

7. Turn it off…

The winter is the most energy intensive for most work buildings. Remind staff that their help is important and that switching off any unnecessary equipment is invaluable, even when they pop out for meetings or lunch.

8. Eliminate draughts

Draughts are one of the primary causes of complaints when it comes to feeling that a building is uncomfortable. Consider addressing the source of these before making any adjustments to the heating system.

9. Close windows

Keep an eye out for open windows during the winter. This is a clear sign of a problem with overheating or a heating system that is not adapting well to different outside temperatures. If it is a regular occurrence undertake a focused survey on that room or building to work out the cause and address the problem.


It’s not uncommon for light settings to be forgotten when there is a change in daylight hours. Checking into your building’s lighting controls will establish whether they’re operating when they need to be. This includes external lighting.

If you would like help with any aspect of energy management or if you would like to speak to us about promoting energy efficiency in your organisation, a TM44 Air Conditioning inspection, or help with energy audits or compliance, contact us today.

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