New regulations for the Renewable Heat Incentive: Sept 2013

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) regulations

New regulations came into force on the 24th September 2013.
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Air Quality

From the 24th of September 2013 if you have a Biomass Installation you will need to apply for an emissions certificate for your boiler.

Changes to Metering

From the 24th September the required metering arrangements changed significantly, and were simplified so that only the eligible heat output will be heat metered. This will mean that if you have ineligible external pipework which is less than 10 metres in length and is properly insulated, if that’s what you’ve got then you don’t have to heat meter it, it can be completely disregarded.

Heat Losses

If your ineligible external pipework is longer than 10 metres but the heat losses from that pipework are less than 3% of the total annual heat losses then that can also be disregarded.

If your pipework is longer than 10 metres and the heat losses are greater than 3% you can still use this as a heat loss calculation in lieu of additional metering if you can provide evidence that additional metering would be unduly burdensome.


There are changes coming in to the Independent Report on Metering Arrangements template, this template has become much more detailed and much more complicated and it can no longer be produced by the owner of the installation.

You will have to provide details of any additives to the fluid, the heating fluid; that could be Glycol or corroding inhibitors, you will have to provide evidence as to how they might interact with the heat meter. You will have to identify any additional plant connected to the system and how that will not be allowed to affect the heat meter.

Future Changes

Although it’s not a current demand, Ofgem are likely to require writers of independent metering reports to upload evidence of their competency; that will be a certificate following an assessment after training on Heat Metering. Ofgem say improving the quality of the reports measured has been a priority.

We at TEAM have been involved with Renewable Heat Incentive since it was first launched; we have provided numerous independent metering reports, we have supported clients with their submissions and we have trained installers and consultants in Heat Metering so that they can understand the nature of the Heat Meters and the pitfalls in installing them.

We see the solution to a speedy and first time successful submission for the Renewable Heat Incentive as being early consultation, that way you minimise the amount of Heat Meters you require and you can make sure that they are installed correctly and there is very little snagging and returning to fix various issues, if its right first time.

An early investment in consultancy and training can mean your first installation goes smoothly and the rest will follow suit.

Find out more about how TEAM can support you with your RHI needs.

View the vlog: New regulations for the Renewable Heat Incentive

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