Shaping the Future of Heat in Non-Domestic Buildings

The UK Government has a variety of strategies in place in order to help us meet our targets for reducing greenhouse gases including promoting Heat Networks, incentivising renewable heating and supporting energy efficiency.

Now, they are looking for your views to help develop and support the future for heat in non-domestic buildings.

Recognising that those operating the businesses and organisations responsible for heat energy consumption may have specialist insight into their sectors with ideas to contribute, the “Heat in Buildings” consultation document has been issued. Energy professionals can also offer solutions. The outcome could be used to influence legislation, incentives and compliance matters. It is an opportunity to influence government strategy that should not be missed.

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Non-domestic buildings account for 12% of greenhouse gas emissions and 17% of energy use. The Building Energy Efficiency Survey (BEES) found that the largest energy consumers were offices (17%), retail (17%), industrial (16%), hospitality (11%) and health (11%). By using innovative solutions to reduce heat consumption, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) believes that we can all help the UK to meet the nations carbon budget.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is seeking feedback from those in the building industry and decision-makers on how to:

  • Keep energy bills as low as possible
  • Ensure the UK has a secure and resilient energy system
  • Remain at the fore-front of science, research and innovation; and
  • Reduce carbon emissions cost-effectively

There are different areas where the UK can make changes in to assist in hitting the 2050 carbon reduction target include:

  • Infrastructure changes
  • Energy savings
  • Changes to heat supply
  • Low carbon heat approaches
  • Legislative changes

Want to have your say on the Heat in Buildings consultation?

The consultation will remain open until 27th January 2017. To view the full consultation, visit the BEIS section of GOV.UK. For any queries about the publication, please email BEIS directly at

Read the Consultation

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