Capacity Market: Some Key Dates For Your Diary

Towards the end of last year, the European Commission reopened the Capacity Market.

Capacity Market Timelines

If you’re participating in the Capacity Market, the timelines are as follows

T-1 delivery year 2020/2021From 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021
T-3 delivery year 2022/2023 From 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023
T-4 delivery year 2022/2023From 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2024

Auction Timeline

Whilst the Prequalification windows are now closed, here are some key dates for the diary:

 T-3T-1 T-4
Planning consents deadlinen/an/a4 February 2020
Capacity Auction ends31 January 20207 February 20206 March 2020
Submission confirmations window opensn/an/a13 March 2020
Closing date auction status confirmationn/an/a20 February 2020
Notification of provisional auction resultsn/an/a6 or 9 March 2020
Issue of Capacity Agreements11 March 202018 March 202015 April 2020

The dates for the next prequalification window and the CM Operational Plan are not yet available. The EMR delivery body will publish further prequalification guidance in July 2020.

Capacity Market Checklist

Here is an example of what CM applicants will need to provide:

  • Six monthly progress reports every 6 months from the date of the Capacity Auction. If any material changes to dates/works, an Independent Technical Expert (ITE) report is required and a remedial plan is only required if delays to the construction plan impact the start of the delivery year.
  • Financial Commitment Milestone report (deadline is 18 months after the Capacity Auction)
  • Connection agreement
  • Metering Assessment
  • Metering Test (if required)
  • Substantial Completion Milestone report
  • Extended Years Criteria report
  • Long stop date (if required)

Our Senior Energy Consultant, Helder Galrinho, is an Independent Technical Expert. He is authorised to carry out the independent technical reports, such as; the 6-monthly reports to substantial completion milestone; financial commitment milestone reports; evidence of project spend; and extended years criteria needed for organisations to enter the Capacity Market.

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