TEAM enhances its Consultancy offering with a suite of new services

2021 is expected to be a big year for climate action; with COP 26 in November and the UK Government’s target to achieve carbon net-zero by 2050 an ever-present message, there is pressure on organisations to ensure they are becoming consciously sustainable and on the pathway to decarbonisation.

As the UK’s leading energy and sustainability management consultancy, over 35 years of business, we have been a vanguard of change, growing and developing our services to better meet the needs of our customers.

In the last year we have developed our suite of energy consultancy services to meet the carbon reduction demands, and economic and social challenges of the current climate, helping organisations to transform their energy and sustainability management, and achieve greater operational efficiencies.
Our new suite of enterprise-wide consultancy services includes:

Behaviour Change Programmes for Sustainable Business

Organisations are under increasing pressure to have a sustainability strategy and reduce their carbon emissions. To help organisations create a company-wide culture of sustainable thinking, we have introduced our Behaviour Change Programmes. Delivered by our registered Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) consultants, our Behaviour Change Programmes inspire change within an organisation. Through the adoption of sustainable behaviours, these services help employees become more conscious of their workplace habits, so their organisations can achieve their sustainability targets, helping them stand out from competitors and achieve long-term cost savings. Learn more about our Behaviour Change Programmes for Sustainable Business. 

Tenant Billing Services

As the only UK supplier to offer end-to-end tenant billing, including outsourced billing and collections, innovative tenant billing software and a suite of supporting consultancy services; it is our aim to help organisations transform the way they recharge their tenants.

Outsourced Tenant Billing Management Service

In 2020, we reinvented professional tenant billing. Supported by our innovative software and our comprehensive Energy Bureau service, we have transformed the way organisations bill their tenants. Organisations with large multi-let-multi-tenant portfolios could benefit from changing the way they recharge their tenants through our Tenant Billing Management Service. Delivering accurate and efficient estate and billing management, our service relieves organisations of the time it takes to create and validate bills, collect payment, escalate debt, manage accounts and reporting, and keep track and take control of consumption with ease. Find out about our Outsourced Tenant Billing Management Service.

Tenant Billing Consultancy Services

Through our experience and expertise in helping organisations recharge tenants, we have created our Tenant Billing Consultancy services to support organisations in ensuring the efficiency of their meters, billing methodology, business processes and Heat Network Notification regulation compliance. Our expert impartial guidance and support can make tendering for a meter vendor, creating a Metering Business Case and achieving successful tenant billing achievable with ease. Read about our Tenant Billing Consultancy Services.

MOP DC DA Contract Selection

Organisations can gain a better understanding of their consumption and reduce overheads by using accurate and timely energy data, through our new Meter Operator (MOP), Data Collector (DC) Data Aggregator (DA) Contract Selection service. Our vendor selection service can find the right MOP DC DA provider for an organisation by scoping the needs of their energy portfolio and assessing suitable vendors; saving them valuable resource and helping them to find the right MOP DC DA provider. You can learn about MOP DC DA Contract Selection here.

Available Supply Capacity

Through our Available Supply Capacity (ASC) service, organisations can benefit from an assessment of their ASC to ensure their energy capacity is set optimally, avoiding penalties or over-paying. Our energy experts will review an organisation’s contracts and secure the kVA costs that are appropriate. Through this assessment, organisations can reduce their utility overheads and make substantial savings from outdated or inappropriate kVA allocation charges. By ensuring they are using a suitable amount of kVA for their operations, organisations can meet their Corporate Social Responsibility by freeing up kVA for the community to be allocated to other businesses or regeneration projects. Find out more about Available Supply Capacity.

Commercial Energy Audits and Surveys

In addition to the brand-new services we are now offering, we have enhanced our Commercial Energy Audits and Surveys service. Organisations looking to reduce carbon emissions and make cost savings will benefit from a tailored assessment of their organisation’s energy efficiency, providing them with a better understanding of their building’s energy performance. Bespoke optimisation recommendations offer valuable carbon reductions insights to make energy savings and efficiencies throughout their business. Read about our Energy Audits and Surveys.

Commenting on the expansion of our Consultancy services, Timothy Holman, Head of Operations said:

Compliance and certification services have always been the cornerstone of energy management. The challenges of planning for a Net Zero future, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, have put energy and sustainability professionals under great pressure to meet ambitious environmental targets against a background of potentially unpredictable service demands.

Over 35 years of business, TEAM has paved the way as leaders of energy management, adapting our services to keep up with industry pace of change to meet customer’s needs.

The growth of our consultancy provides sophisticated solutions to many of the demands of modern energy management, against the challenges of Net Zero and the pandemic, helping organisations to innovate and meet targets, while relieving resource and making cost savings

The next natural step on the journey to delivering more dynamic and strategic solutions for effective energy and sustainability management, throughout 2021 we will be continuing to add to our consultancy, launching a suite of new services. Organisations can stay up to date with new products and services by subscribing to our newsletters.

If you are interested in understanding how our consultancy services can support your organisation’s energy efficiency and sustainability transformation contact us today.

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