Important information about the DECC Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) Pilot

Did you know that you could receive financial support from implementing energy efficiency projects through the Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) Pilot Phase II, if you deliver electricity savings at peak times?

Electricity Demand Reduction Pilot

If you’re thinking of replacing your old light fittings with LEDs or making any other improvement to your building or electrical equipment which would deliver lasting peak-time electricity savings, you could be eligible to take part.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will be running a web-chat on the 21st August between 10.30am and 11.30am to help participants understand the Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) Pilot Phase II.

Visit the DECC website to find out more.

Find Out More

“DECC is making £6 million available to support projects that deliver lasting reduction in electricity demand through the Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) Pilot Phase II. The aim of the Pilot is to test whether EDR could participate in Great Britain’s Capacity market. Although the evidence requirements for Phase II have been made simpler, there is still a need to create a Measurement and Verification (M&V) plan to document the proposed peak-time electrical savings.”

Changing from Phase I to Phase II?

Key Changes from Phase I to Phase II include:

  • The minimum project size accepted has halved to 50kW.
  • More time is available to install measures, with a choice of delivering savings either in November to February 2016/17 or November to February 2017/18, but not on both.
  • DECC is allowing greater scope for successful projects to develop over time, and for applicants to make changes to their project according to business need. This included the option to bid in for a greater amount of savings than are fully specified in the application.
  • Evidence requirements have been made simpler, including making payback at project level rather than site level.
  • DECC will make an early payment after installation (up to 20% of the total payment, contingent on deliver of savings).

Those of you wanting to participate in the Phase II Expressions of Interest will need to complete the initial registration by Thursday 3rd September.

The deadline for submitting full applications is the 15th October.

To register visit the DECC website.

Visit DECC Website

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