Latest Team Sigma Release, Powered By Yellowfin

Combination of architectural updates and Yellowfin analytical software set to provide our Sigma customers with high-performance reporting tool

A leading, end-to-end analytics tool has been embedded into our energy management software in the first of many structural updates to take place this year. Sigma Energy Intelligence is a modern and intuitive BI and analytics module that provides users with a spectrum of new features and innovative capabilities.

By partnering with Yellowfin, we have created an exciting new addition to the Sigma hosted-software suite. Yellowfin was chosen, following a lengthy vendor-selection process, to provide us with their industry-leading business intelligence, dashboard, reporting, and data-analytics software.

Graham Paul, Service Delivery Director at TEAM said,

We promised our customers a new reporting tool and by working with Yellowfin we have been able to deliver an advanced, intuitive reporting tool that will allow users to enjoy high-performance data analytics.

Shawn Deegan, General Manager at Yellowfin EMEA commented,

We are thrilled to be a part of TEAM’s roadmap. There is a lot of excitement about the way the TEAM platform is developing, and we look forward to helping TEAM’s customers access deeper data insights so they can make faster decisions that drive savings across their companies.

Sigma’s Energy Intelligence module not only allows users to build and customise reports and dashboards, it also facilitates advanced analytics, predictive modelling and machine learning and creates important storyboards and insights that are useful to those who are managing energy.

Graham Paul explained

The fundamental difference between traditional energy reporting solutions and Sigma Energy Intelligence is the ability to interact with the data. The tool can perform multi-dimensional analysis that provides meaningful “Energy Intelligence” that supports energy management decisions and strategy.

Users of the Sigma Energy Intelligence tool can share data and reports with ease within the tool itself and through external collaboration platforms allowing for full energy management transparency within organisations.

Energy Intelligence is part of our Sigma 10 release and is accompanied by a refreshed user interface that includes enhanced navigation and own-branding functionality. Release 11 and 12 are due later this year.

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