Meet TEAM at aM&T 2016

aM&T 2016

Meet TEAM at the 14th annual aM&T 2016 event that’s taking place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on 25th February 2016.

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TEAM will join like-minded energy managers at the aM&T 2016 to help advise them how to manage their energy more effectively in estates, buildings and industrial processes on in one or more locations.

We will be showcasing Sigma Energy Management Software and demonstrating its many capabilities from exception reporting, electronic billing, explaining the cost efficiencies of outsourced bill validation and how we can assist with compliance.

About the aM&T 2016

The aM&T 2016 event provides an exciting networking opportunity and is a great opportunity to learn from your peers on subjects including:

  • Displaying data to aid with employee engagement.
  • Buildings and Estates – workplace challenges.
  • Metering for industrial processes, space heating, renewable heat and waste.
  • Open Water – Will choosing your supplier of water and waste water services result in lower bills?
  • Getting your data right.
  • Metering: Non-Domestic advanced vs. Smart.

As well as expert clinic sessions covering:

  • From the pipe to the screen – Siteworks, installation, exchanges, loggers and monitoring.
  • Integrating utilities and making the most from reporting and dashboards.
  • Fundamentals of aM&T.

To book your free place at the event visit the aM&T 2016 website.

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