Northern Rail win at the Lux Awards 2015

TEAM is delighted to announce that one of our customers has been recognised for their work at a prestigious awards ceremony.

We would like to congratulate Northern Rail, a long-term user of TEAM’s Sigma Software, for winning the ‘Industrial and Transport Lighting Project of the Year’ at he Lux Awards 2015.

The awards were presented in front of nearly 1,000 people at a glittering gala event in East London.

Northern Rail’s lighting Solution

Northern Rail’s Rainhill Railway Station in Merseyside was awarded for its new LED lighting, which has radically improved customer experience. The station was chosen to trial this technology because of a previous lack of investment and vandalism issues.

Using Energy Efficient Lights

The lights previously installed on site included internal SON units, 6ft fluorescent fittings and HID external HID column top units. They were replaced with DEXECO’s Impervia LED column, Hydra LED, MODLED and Amenity Plus LED.

The external lights are equipped with the DEXECO R44 and R11 passive infra sensors which control the lighting levels both on the platform and under the canopy. They are programmed to dim the lighting to 10% of the normal levels when there has been no movement in the area for 30 seconds. This leaves the platform illuminated and welcoming while minimising the energy consumption of the station.

Northern Rail Savings

To date this project has saved over 28000 kWh of electricity on site. As well as delivering excellent savings in energy consumption it has also improved the customer experience by ensuring that the station is welcoming and inviting. This has assisted Northern in moving towards its goal of creating a railway the North can be proud of.

Lux publisher Ray Molony said:

“What makes our Awards unique is that we personally test every product on each shortlist and visit all the schemes assessed as possible winners. It means these awards have rapidly become the must-have trophies of the lighting industry and this year’s candidates were stronger than ever.”

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