TEAM address the challenges of tenant billing with new suite of services

Our latest offering reinvents tenant billing, delivering sustainable and efficient property management.

Since the launch of our flagship Sigma Tenant Billing software in 2019, we have been supporting commercial organisations to accurately and efficiently bill their tenants.

Following the success of the software, we recognised there was a gap in the market for a more comprehensive tenant billing offering. In response to customer requests for a ‘one-stop-shop’ for their tenant billing needs, we developed our suite of Tenant Billing Management Services. The move supports organisations who prefer to use a single provider for their outsourced and consultancy requirements.

The launch means we are the only UK supplier to offer complete end-to-end tenant billing management, including outsourced billing and collections, a suite of supporting consultancy services, and software. This approach to product design aligns with our first-class ethos, to deliver solutions and services that exceed in addressing the challenges of modern energy management.

The Tenant Billing Management Services have been designed with flexibility in mind, to allow organisations to opt for the level and type of service that best suits their property management needs. As their portfolio expands and diversifies, organisations can scale the service level in line with their operations.

Recognising that there is no one size fits all approach to recharging tenants, the outsourced bill validation and collection has been developed to support billing for managed service costs and rent, as well as utilities.

Commenting on the launch, our Head of Customer Success, Tom Anderton said:

It’s common for organisations to use spreadsheets to manage their tenant billing as an easy way of aggregating their data. It works for a while, but often over time and as that tenant infrastructure grows, those spreadsheets can become unwieldy and difficult to track.

With our Tenant Billing Management Services, common problems that can come from the mismanagement of data, such as missing payments and inaccurate bills become a thing of the past.

The addition of our landlord and tenant portals, and debt escalation processes, facilitates communication, fostering good relationships with tenants, and relieves landlords of the time and resource needed to calculate complex charges and resolve queries.

The launch comes at a time when we are investing heavily in our consultancy to offer a range of services that meet and react to the challenges of energy and sustainability management.

As the UK collectively works to reach the Government’s 2050 net zero target, landlords and organisations will need to assess how their tenanted properties and operations might impact those ambitions.
Adopting efficient tenant billing processes that accurately capture, monitor and measure emissions consumption will help landlords to meet their net zero targets.

With data quality at the heart of our tenant billing services, landlords can be assured they will have the right data foundations to facilitate their carbon reduction strategy. The outsourced bill management team are supported by our own Sigma Tenant Billing software, which tracks and reports on carbon emissions data for accurate Scope 3 reporting.

The built environment is responsible for around 40% of the UK’s carbon footprint, with 30% of that attributed to energy use.

Says Graham Paul, Service Delivery Director.

Landlords looking at how they’re going to start to decarbonise over the next decade need to factor in the importance of their data in developing that pathway.

Energy management and systems efficiency will be key to the long-term success, but the time and resource it can take to maintain that isn’t available to everyone. That’s where outsourcing can be a real benefit, as it takes the onus off the landlord, allowing them to focus on the bigger picture.

All our customers will benefit from the expertise of our dedicated Bureau team and Energy Consultants, who work with organisations from across the public and private sectors to deliver optimised tenant billing.

In line with our partnership approach, customers will receive bespoke advice and tailored onboarding to adapt the service to their infrastructure, and ensure economical and sustainable tenant billing management.

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