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Why sign up to the TEAM Newsletter?

We have been distributing the TEAM Newsletter for more than 20 years. It is the best way to stay informed about popular energy related topics and the latest information in your industry.

1. It’s free

We send out the TEAM newsletter every 8 weeks completely free of charge, straight to your inbox.

2. Our industry experts share their knowledge

We have our finger on the pulse; blogs and updates from our industry group members share the latest information from important events and discussion groups. The TEAM Energy newsletter includes helpful and practical advice on compliance and forthcoming changes which may benefit your organisation. From Renewable tariff changes to developments in Energy Management software we will tell you what’s new and exciting.

3. Find out first about TEAM news first

Advance notice about training, events, webinars, new product developments, upcoming releases and more. We often offer early bird discounts on our training courses, so these are definitely worth looking out for in the newsletter.

4. Read it on the move

Our TEAM Newsletter can be read on mobile devices and tablets, it is completely compatible and easy to read while you’re out and about.

5. Best practice ideas from the industry

Practical and useful tips are shared directly from our industry experts and from our customers. We distribute key customer presentations and case studies in our newsletters. Watch videos or read what other Energy professionals have to say on the topic, the way they overcome hurdles and tackle the on-going energy management challenge.

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