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Sigma’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Software

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme was a mandatory carbon emissions reduction initiative that applied to large organisations in the public and private sectors in the UK. It was implemented in 2010 to incentivise energy efficiency and cut emissions in large energy users in the UK.

The scheme required participants to measure and report their electricity and gas supplies on an annual basis to the CRC registry.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme is now closed.

Helping organisation’s comply with the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, Sigma software produced annual report’s suitable for compliance.

The reporting software took the hard work out of consolidating and quality checking your data as well as maintaining all records for the CRC evidence pack.

Fully integrated with Sigma, the CRC reporting module has easy to use set-up wizards to manage all supplies included in a CRC Phase. It allows the primary source data for the consumption of any CRC supply point to be inspected and uses the best available data from your energy management database. It includes validation-checking of your data – and can use invoices, meter reads, high frequency data or supplier statements. It automatically fills any gaps in the data using methods approved by the Environment Agency. It calculates how many tonnes of Carbon Allowances you need to purchase for each CRC year and provides the necessary data for any renewable electricity onsite generation and self-supply. The software calculates your CRC allowance cost liability.

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Key Benefits of TEAM’s Carbon Reduction Commitment

TEAM’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Software has the following key benefits:

  • Produces annual CRC reports easily and quickly to ensure compliance
  • Quickly calculates your CRC allowance cost liability
  • Uses best available data from your energy management database
  • Data validation functions ensure data quality for compliance
  • Allows primary source data to be inspected
  • Allows a set of online users to configure electricity and gas supply data for CRC
  • Maintains auditable records for your Evidence Pack

Data Validation

Data quality is crucial for CRC reporting and compliance. The CRC software:

Source of supply information is selected following the rules set in the CRC Regulations and all actions carried out are fully auditable. Validators highlight when more than 10% of your total emissions are excluded and the system prevents you from excluding core emissions (i.e. from half hourly supplies) to ensure you comply with regulations.

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Why Choose TEAM?

Working with over 500 customers TEAM provide an extensive and flexible range of services to help reduce energy costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

TEAM is a leading supplier of carbon and energy management solutions. We specialise in energy management software, energy bureau services and energy consultancy and have a team of carbon reduction consultants. Our customers come from the private sectors including, transport and banking, and public sectors such as education, government, NHS and the emergency services.

For further information regarding our CRC services or to request a Carbon Reduction Commitment Software demonstration, please contact us.

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