eBilling Manager for Utilities

eBilling Manager for Utilities Software Overview

Water deregulation in England, growing competition and increasing customer demands mean that utility companies need to set themselves apart from other suppliers.

TEAM's eBilling manager for UtilitiesElectronic billing is very attractive to multi-site consumers as dramatic time and cost savings, compared to processing invoice data manually, can be achieved. As a prospective supplier to this valuable market you can therefore increase your chances of winning new customers if you are able to provide good quality industry standard EDI billing.

Find out which companies use open standards for EDI billing by downloading our information sheet here.

TEAM eBilling manager for utilities a sophisticated yet easy to implement system that generates EDI customer bills from your existing billing system without interfering with its operation.

It can generate files for electricity, gas and water bills in any desired format, including the current industry standard TRADACOMS 26 v3 as well as xml. Its low implementation cost and short lead time mean it can be put into place quickly and at a fraction of the cost of most alternatives. TEAM’s eBilling software can also mean considerable cost savings to the utility. Whether you are introducing eBilling or already have a system, TEAM can offer you all the support required to provide your customers with exact, secure and timely EDI invoices.

For more information, please see the TEAM eBilling software information sheet.

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What are the Benefits?

The key benefits of TEAM’s eBilling Manager software are:

“From a resource point of view and checking bills we save an awful lot of resource time because when we use EDI files, the TEAM software does the verification checks.”
Lloyd Bentley, London Fire Brigade

“We upload EDI files into the system in order to check they are right using the validators that are set up within the system.”
Samantha Guy, Bedford Borough Council

TEAM’s eBilling Manager for Utilities Customers

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