Sigma Energy Monitoring and Targeting

Sigma will help organisations keep energy Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) as an integral part of their energy strategy.

Sigma energy management software will enable energy managers to:

KPI Tracking

The KPI tracking feature within Sigma gives ultimate flexibility for staying on track by categorising and grouping energy data to suit an organisation’s needs within set time periods. Results can be instantly reviewed against business objectives and savings can be quantified.

Information realised by using the KPI tracking in Sigma can influence and support the ongoing delivery of the M&T strategy and help benchmark performance using key metrics, such as floor area or production figures, identify performance trends and review historical performance.


The Sigma tool can be configured to make you aware when certain events happen. From an energy perspective, this is crucial for identifying missing data, monitoring discrepancies in consumption, notifying of excess tolerances quickly. Sigma will deliver instant notifications the moment key metrics fall outside predefined thresholds. This supports proactive energy management, reducing surprises and allowing you to take preventative action quicker.

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